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Accrington 10K - Sun 26/Oct/14
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*** ARR 10K Results ***
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17. Thu 16/Apr/2015: Event by Graham Morris - Presentation Night.

18. Thu 16/Apr/2015: Event by Graham Morris - 30th Anniversary Function.

19. Sun 12/Apr/2015: Ranking by Craig Clark - Fleetwood 10k.

20. Wed 08/Apr/2015: Photos by Paul Jackson - Brian Scully.


1. Message posted by David Sagar on Tue 05/May/2015.

This Thursday's run 7th May will be from Whalley Picnic site, 6.30pm all welcome will be off road/trail(message will expire on Tue 12/May/2015).

2. Message posted by Paul Calverley on Wed 22/Apr/2015.


Now I'm not saying that the Podium 5K event in Barrowford is a quick race on a very fast course - well I am actually, see my Report on Saturday's Race  wink - but I've been reliably informed that Andrew Green's time of 15:30 is a new World Record for a 52 year old!! Not bad for a local race that's just £4 to enter if you fancy a go. surprise


(message will expire on Wed 06/May/2015).

3. Message posted by Graham Morris on Wed 22/Apr/2015.

Anyone interested in the Duathlon (run & bike & run) on 23rd May, make sure you enter early as it get full. It should be a good event and something different. There are already a number of our members competing. Enter individually or as a team (1 x runner & 1 x rider).

See Club events on our website.

(message will expire on Fri 22/May/2015).

4. Message posted by Graham Morris on Wed 22/Apr/2015.

It is only eight weeks from our annual team event “Bradford Millennium Relay” (28thJune). It is a fantastic event that is open to all members, the route distances range from 8 to 11 miles off road. See our web site for more information. (Links / Relays / Bradford). Last year we had 40 runners competing in four teams, everyone had a great day.

The relay requires runners to compete in pairs........ maybe ask another member of the club (of equal ability) and run together; alternatively you can enter individually and we can choose you a partner. Also advise on which of the 5 legs you would prefer and we will try and accomodate you. Leg 1 starts at 8am.

Please let Graham know ASAP if you want to be part of the team. 

(message will expire on Sun 28/Jun/2015).

5. Message posted by Graham Morris on Sun 04/Jan/2015.

Parking Arrangements: Would all Accrington Road Runners please note that for our Tuesday & Thursday training sessions we should only use the lower car park. If this is full please park in the surrounding roads. The higher car park is for Hyndburn Athletics only.

(message will expire on Thu 31/Dec/2015).

6. Message posted by Graham Morris on Thu 27/Sep/2012.

Just a reminder – Wilsons Athletics Track is available to us every Thursday, 5:30pm to 6:30pm. We have a number of runners of all abilities currently using this facility for track sessions. Everyone is welcome! Speedwork doesn’t just make you run faster, it makes you more comfortable at all speeds and increases your fitness. Remember to ‘sign in’ & pay £2 to Hyndburn Athletics in the office next to the changing rooms.


(message will expire on Thu 31/Dec/2015).

7. Message posted by Graham Morris on Wed 02/Mar/2011.

Just a reminder to all our runners regarding the rule on club vests.
When competing in any race or event as an attached member of Accrington Road Runners; it is expected you wear (and display) a club vest.
This is particularly important when representing the club in team events and in our club races.
The club vest helps advertise and promote the club gives us a presence in races. 
Club vest are available from Colette

(message will expire on Thu 31/Dec/2015).
ARR members - Athletics night Sep 2010

Club events

Pinhaw Fell. On Fri 08/May/2015, which is only 3 days away.
Calderdale Way Relay. On Sun 17/May/2015, which is only 12 days away.
Summer Run. On Tue 19/May/2015, which is only 14 days away.
Ian Hesketh Duathlon. On Sat 23/May/2015, which is only 18 days away.
Bowley Hill Fell / Trail Race. On Mon 25/May/2015, which is only 20 days away.
Paddys Pole Fell Race. On Tue 02/Jun/2015, which is only 28 days away.
Summer Run. On Tue 16/Jun/2015, which is only 42 days away.
Greenway 5k Road Race. On Fri 19/Jun/2015, which is only 45 days away.
Bradford Millennium Way relay. On Sun 28/Jun/2015, which is only 54 days away.
Summer Run. On Tue 07/Jul/2015, which is only 63 days away.
Bull Hill Fell Race. On Thu 09/Jul/2015, which is only 65 days away.
Townley Park 10k Road Race. On Sun 12/Jul/2015, which is only 68 days away.
Worsthorne Moor Fell. On Sun 02/Aug/2015, which is only 89 days away.
Summer Run - Handicap Race. On Tue 11/Aug/2015, which is only 98 days away.
Race the Train. On Sat 15/Aug/2015, which is only 102 days away.
Summer Run. On Tue 01/Sep/2015, which is only 119 days away.
30th Anniversary Function. On Sat 05/Sep/2015, which is only 123 days away.
Thieveley Pike Fell. On Sat 26/Sep/2015, which is only 144 days away.
Burnley Fire Station 10k. On Sun 04/Oct/2015, which is only 152 days away.
British Fell Relays. On Sat 17/Oct/2015, which is only 165 days away.
Winter Run & Eat. On Tue 10/Nov/2015, which is only 189 days away.
Preston 10 mile Road Race. On Sun 15/Nov/2015, which is only 194 days away.
Presentation Night. On Sat 05/Dec/2015, which is only 214 days away.

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Points races - 2008

There are 7 races in each category, with the best 4 counting towards the championships. Click on some of the races to find out more details.

Road Race Points Races

Fell Points Races. For further details contact Debbie or David (Graham)

Pennine 10k, Brighouse, Sun 06/Jan/08
(results in Excel format)
Half Tour of Pendle 9m 2250 ft, Sat 08/Mar/08
Standish Trail Race 10k Sat 23/Feb/08 Great Hameldon Hill Race 6m 1100 ft, Sun 04/May/08
Wilmslow Half Marathon, Sun 30/Mar/08 Stanhill Fell Race 5m 800 ft, Tue 27/May/08
Burnsall, Skipton 10m, Sat 23/Aug08 Paddy's Pole, Chipping 4.5m , Tue 03/Jun/08
Illuminations 10k, Blackpool, Sat 06/Sep/08 Aggies Staircase, Darwen 4m, Thu 26/Jun/08
Waddington 10k, Sun 12/Oct/08 Bull Hill Fell, Hawkshaw. 5.5m, Thu 10/Jul/08
Through the Villages, Wheelton 8m, Sun 02/Nov/08 Pilgrims Cross Fell, Helmshore 6m, Wed 13/Aug/08
Winners for 2008
Road races
Points champion: Simon Bailey
Vet points winner: Graham Morris
Most improved: David Graham
Points champion: Sarah Ridehalgh (also won a special award for winning this category five times in a row)
Vet points winner: Kaye Callaghan
Vet 45 points award: Nancy Bailey
Most improved: Kaye Callaghan
Road training
Mens Most improved novice: Cavan Smyth
Ladies Most improved novice: Ruth Dawson
Fell races
Mens Points champion: Graham Morris
Ladies Points champion: Debbie Gowans

2008 results in detail
Fell races
1stGraham Morris99100100100100100400
2ndChris Barnes95949797999999394
3rdDebbie Gowans9796969898389
4thAlastair McEwan9693969597384
5thKaye Callaghan92959495376
6thMartin Bland989898294
7thVictoria Burke969597288
8thStephen Fish949497285
9thJohn Wieczorek10099199
10thIan Burrows9899197
11thJohn Newsholme9698194
12thMark Hammond9295187
13thSteve Davies9096186
14thAdrian Nicholls100100
15thSimon Bailey9999
16thStephen Ball9797
17thDavid Gaskill9595
18thIan Wilcock9393
19thJames Smithson9191
20thDavid Hammer8989
21thPeter Blackledge8888
Lady's Road races
1stSarah Ridehalgh100100100100100400
2ndKaye Callaghan9810010097395
2ndCarole Morris989999999896395
4thNancy Bailey979897989795390
5thJennifer Adams989499291
6thJanet Holden939697286
7thAlison Hargreaves9996195
8thNicola Wood9999
8thDebbie Gowans9999
10thJulie Brady9898
11thCaroline Lee9797
12thLynn Huxley9696
12thKaren Jackson9696
14thSimone Der Weduwen9595
14thCaron Fenwick9595
Men's Road races
1stSimon Bailey10099100100100400
2ndGraham Morris10010099100999799399
3rdPaul Wickham9998989897393
4thDavid Smith9897969194385
5thThomas Battrick97949290373
6thChris Barnes989998295
7thGeoff Biscomb979595287
8thDavid Graham949696286
9thRobert White9997196
10thJohn Wieczorek9897195
11thMichael Bowkley9695191
12thIan Tomlinson9595190
13thMike Leeming9191182
14thMartin Bland9696
14thMervyn Owen9696
16thSteve Fish9595
17thPaul Jackson9494
17thDavid Gaskill9494
19thPeter Blackledge9393
19thAndrew Hollas9393
19thAlistair McEwan9393
19thMark Hammond9393
23rdMalcolm Bradley9292
23rdEd Grimshaw9292
25thBrian Scully8989

Looking to try a points race? why not check the weather first...