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Accrington 10K - Sun 29/Oct/17

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1. Message posted by Paul Calverley on Tue 11/Jul/2017.


Well done to Alison Wolstenholme, our Runner of the Month for June! 


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2. Message posted by Gerry Bunn on Mon 10/Jul/2017.

He's done it again!! Well done Harry (Haseley), now Time Trial Champion at 100miles in his age group. This follows from his recent win over 50 miles

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3. Message posted by Liam Moden on Sun 09/Jul/2017.

I am looking to do the salt cellar fell race on Friday 4 august its based at ladybower reservoir. It's about an hour and half away so I will be setting off around four for a seven o clock start if anyone fancies it let me know details on salt cellar fell race ps it's fully marshalled(message will expire on Wed 16/Aug/2017).

4. Message posted by Graham Morris on Mon 03/Jul/2017.

Bradford Relay - club records now updated. See our website - Links - Relays - Bradford. Check out were you stand in our all time records. Thanks to everyone that supported the club in this event.

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5. Message posted by Gerry Bunn on Thu 29/Jun/2017.

129 Marathons, and goodness knows how many races at shorter distances..... then he took up cycling! Now  2017 National Champion at 50 miles Time Trial in his age group.  Well done Harry (Haseley), fantastic achievement.  Next he's competing in the 100 miles TT Championships.... Good Luck Harry, ARR are behind you all the way.

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6. Message posted by Graham Morris on Tue 15/Jul/2014.

Anyone considering Race the Train there are places still available and space at our campsite. The entry fee increases early in August so make sure you book early. More information on our web site - Club Events. If you require a pitch on the campsite please let me know. Its a great weekend so come and join us........ 

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7. Message posted by Graham Morris on Thu 27/Sep/2012.

Just a reminder – Wilsons Athletics Track is available to us every Thursday, 5:30pm to 6:30pm. We have a number of runners of all abilities currently using this facility for track sessions. Everyone is welcome! Speedwork doesn’t just make you run faster, it makes you more comfortable at all speeds and increases your fitness. Remember to ‘sign in’ & pay £2 to Hyndburn Athletics in the office next to the changing rooms.


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8. Message posted by Graham Morris on Wed 02/Mar/2011.

Just a reminder to all our runners regarding the rule on club vests.
When competing in any race or event as an attached member of Accrington Road Runners; it is expected you wear (and display) a club vest.
This is particularly important when representing the club in team events and in our club races.
The club vest helps advertise and promote the club gives us a presence in races. 
Club vest are available from Colette

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Club events

WHITTLE PIKE. On Wed 02/Aug/2017, which is only 11 days away.
PRUDENT RIVERSIDE 10. On Sun 06/Aug/2017, which is only 15 days away.
Handicap Race. On Tue 08/Aug/2017, which is only 17 days away.
Race the Train. On Sat 19/Aug/2017, which is only 28 days away.
BURY 10K. On Sun 17/Sep/2017, which is only 57 days away.
THIEVELEY PIKE. On Sat 30/Sep/2017, which is only 70 days away.

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July 2017
Title: Location: Wasdale Date of event:Sun 09/Jul/2017
Well done to Debbie today on achieving 3rd vet50 at Wasdale☺

Submitted by: Lisa Parker - 782 - created on Sat 08/Jul/2017.

July 2017
Title: Rob Shepherd's STIRTON Location: Stirton nr Skipton, BD23 3LH Date of event:Wed 05/Jul/2017
Sharp Haw, Stirton

Sharp Haw, Stirton


       Ahh, what a little gem of a race his was. None of us had run in this area before, so I wasn’t alone in looking forward to trying somewhere new – and weren’t we rewarded?!  Stirton is a little hamlet (population 204 plus sheep) a mile and half north-west of Skipton. Much to Glen & Lisa’s disappointment it hasn’t even got a pub for refreshments and toilet facilities! Registration was from the race organiser’s camper van parked at the crossroads, whilst an assistant sat on the grass verge quickly inputting the data into his laptop.

       This race proved more popular than everyone anticipated, with 111 runners, we increased the populace by 54%. Whilst there was an encouraging 9 of us from ARR; Barlick, Fellandale, Harrogate, Skipton & Wharfedale, all had a decent turn-out, implying that we weren’t the only ones to include this as a club fixture. It probably also took the organisers by surprise too, as runners were still being processed almost up to the planned 7:30 start, which delayed things by a couple of mins. Unperturbed we were quickly assembled and without any ceremony whatsoever told “Go!”   

       Much to the chagrin of a couple of Clayton’s runners, the first 1.1 miles was on tarmac (up a lane). Then it was off across a very runnable field, until the incline gradually increased to a steepish but short ascent to the summit of Sharp Haw. At 1,171 feet it’s only a baby, but has a distinct nipple shape, and apparently it’s the loftiest of all the local Flasby Fells. From the summit it was sharp right down the hillside towards another peak – Rough Haw, but at its base we turned left, on more downhill towards woods. Skirting the woods we turned left again, back up a field before entering a larger wood, and more climbing. Out of the woods onto the open hillside and the nipple stood firm once again right in front of us for a second mounting. After which it was a 1.4 mile downhill race to the finish, which lamentably omitted the tarmac lane from earlier, and the opportunity to improve the overall pace.

       Not only was it a mere £3 to enter this, but each of was rewarded with a bottle of beer and a bar of chocolate - happy days! For those of us who like to get our heads up and survey our surroundings we were blessed with some lovely views on a pleasant summer’s evening. Aye, we’ll definitely have to do some more running around here, it’s rather nice. smiley


11 Graham Morris M50 00:42:21 84.42%
18 Glen Goodwin M50 00:43:55 87.54%
37 Paul Calverley M50 00:47:30 94.68%
53 Catherine Derbyshire F40 00:49:49 99.30%
62 Lisa Parker F35 00:52:22 104.39%
68 David Sagar M40 00:53:14 106.11%
78 Andrew Hollas M50 00:54:42 109.04%
92 Kathryn Gregson F40 01:02:50 125.25%
93 Liam Moden M50 01:02:51 125.28%


Route & Elevation:


Full Results:


Submitted by: Paul Calverley - 781 - created on Fri 07/Jul/2017, last modified Fri 07/Jul/2017.

June 2017
Title: Ten Years of Team Organisation Location: N/A Date of event:Tue 27/Jun/2017
Graham Morris

Graham Morris


Massive thanks to Graham Morris, who was presented with an Award tonight by our President Mick Leeming, for all his hard work and thoroughness in organising all our teams for the Bradford Millennium Way Relays for these past 10 years! Thanks Graham and well done, from all of us at ARR! smiley


Submitted by: Paul Calverley - 780 - created on Tue 27/Jun/2017, last modified Fri 07/Jul/2017.

May 2017
Title: HAMELDON Location: Peel Park Pub, Accrington, BB5 6EW Date of event:Sun 07/May/2017
David Sagar

David Sagar


       This was the third event in our Club Fell Races, and the opening event of the Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix. Always a popular race, it was probably the glorious weather that attracted even more runners than usual, with an impressive 15 from Accy, and 248 runners altogether, the highest turnout in both departments since 2014. Indeed it was that warm, with the sun blazing down from a clear blue sky, and no breeze, which led to one young lady from Clayton Harriers being helped down from The Coppice with heat exhaustion, by our own gentleman supporters – Peter Blackledge & Geoff Biscomb. And we had plenty of other supporters present too: Neil Thompson; Michel Baker; Pamela McCullagh; Angela Terry; and Karen O’Kane; to name just a few; this was very much appreciated.

       It was great to see so many club-mates giving a Fell Race a go, either for the first time in quite a while, or making their debuts.

       With Glen still struggling with a hamstring injury, it was no surprise that Graham was our first runner back, and claimed a splendid 1st in his V50 category too. No matter whether it’s Road or Fell, Paul Gallagher is usually in with a shout of winning his V55 category, but despite a strong return to the Fells he could only manage 3rd against some fierce competition. I had quite a tussle the whole way around with young Josh, who made an impressive Fell debut for ARR.

       I’m sure this was only the second time Catherine Derbyshire has ever raced on the Fells, the other being in the 2015 British Fell Relays, and what a way to start solo, she only went and won her F40 category!

       Stephen Shackleton’s progress has been remarkable since he joined us 18 months ago, so much so that despite a thousand feet of climbing here he was only 93 secs slower than on his 2016 10K debut during the East Lancs 10K!

       It was good to Dave Sagar make a Fell return, and Damian his debut. Andy Hollas is a Grand Prix stalwart and his appearance was almost guaranteed. smiley Andy & Damian had a close fought battle, finishing a mere 11 secs apart. Michael Hartley was another making a long awaited Fell return, and it was great to see Michael Whewell return to racing in an Accy vest after a very long absence. But I think it’s been even longer since Lisa Boyle raced on the Fells! Just 46 secs seperated the 3 of them. However Katherine Gregson and Liam Moden made it back to back Fell Races. smiley Well done to you all!

       I loved the fact the marshal at the summit was announcing the crucial Rovers winning score-line as we ran past, that put an extra wide smile on my face, especially when I realised them & us were only 30 mins in. A great shame that the other results would go against us in the relegation battle.

       It was a pity too that the water ran out before the back-runners finished, perhaps the organisers from Clayton hadn’t expected such a hot day. The demand for a well-deserved pint in the Peel Pub afterwards was so huge that it had us queuing out the door! After which it was time to chill in the beer garden and compare racing reviews & suntans.  


Pos     Cat Cat Pos Time Handicap
21   Graham Morris M50 (001/034) 00:43:57 79.96%
37   Glen Goodwin M50 (004/034) 00:46:17 84.20%
45   Paul Gallagher M55 (003/021) 00:47:15 85.96%
79   Paul Calverley M50 (013/034) 00:50:25 91.72%
82   Josh Woodstock MS (032/057) 00:50:41 92.21%
106 8 Catherine Derbyshire F40 (001/009) 00:53:47 97.85%
119   Stephen Shackleton M50 (019/034) 00:54:37 99.36%
128   David J. Sagar M40 (017/027) 00:55:38 101.21%
146   Damian Fletcher MS (047/057) 00:57:24 104.43%
151   Andrew Hollas M50 (025/034) 00:57:35 104.76%
168   Michael Hartley M45 (019/024) 01:00:10 109.46%
169   Michael Whewell M50 (029/034) 01:00:28 110.01%
173 23 Lisa Jane Boyle F45 (005/016) 01:00:56 110.86%
203 36 Katharine Gregson F40 (005/009) 01:06:25 120.83%
214   Liam Moden M50 (034/034) 01:08:47 125.14%

       The handicap % in the column above is a little formula we came up with to try and calculate your performance, it’s amazing how accurately it works, even though it’s quite simple. We take the finishing time of whichever runner came halfway down the field, e.g with 100 runners it would be the person in 50th. And your time is a % of that, so anyone finishing behind 50th would have over 100%. Unless the field is full of top Fell runners for a championship race, your % tends to remain fairly stable. As it’s based on your relative position, you can then compare your performances in different Fell Races, regardless of length, amount of climbing, or whether it was weather affected.


Route & Elevation:


Full Results:


Thanks to Neil Thompson & David Belshaw for the photos. 


Submitted by: Paul Calverley - 779 - created on Tue 16/May/2017, last modified Wed 17/May/2017.

April 2017
Title: WARDLE SKYLINE Location: Wardle, OL12 9NU Date of event:Sat 08/Apr/2017
Brian Hickey

Brian Hickey


       I was so disappointed to miss out on running this event; it was a glorious day weather wise - not a cloud in the sky, the temperature at a lofty 18 degrees, with little or no breeze, it was actually rather warm. The course was 7 miles, with 1,200 feet of climbing, along a very runnable circularish route, which promised good views from the accurately named skyline.

       By Fell Racing standards it had quite a large number of participants – 158, but sadly once again only 4 from Accy, plus Debbie’s partner Brian. Though it was good to see Katherine Gregson having a rare dabble, and Liam Moden making his Fell debut. Stalwart Lisa Parker having switched to the dark-side (Road Running) for the weekend!?

       Congratulations to Graham and Debbie who both won their categories! And to Katherine & Liam, who I’m confident will be back for more.   


Pos   Category Cat Pos Time Handicap
17 Graham Morris V50 1st 00:53:50 85.13%
49 Deborah Gowans W50 1st 00:58:43 92.86%
84 Brian Hickey V50   01:04:20 101.74%
133 Katharine Gregson W40 3rd 01:16:22 120.77%
134 Liam Moden V50   01:16:23 120.80%


Route & elevation:


Full Results:


Submitted by: Paul Calverley - 778 - created on Wed 19/Apr/2017, last modified Wed 19/Apr/2017.

March 2017
Title: Road Relays - Ladies Location: Blackpool Date of event:Sat 25/Mar/2017

Well done to all our lady runners that represented the club in the Road Relays. Our A Team finished 19th from 52 teams and qualified for the national championships. Captain Carole and her B Team were victorious in the battle of our two remaining teams. Thanks to Laura and Sue for running twice and helping both teams finish.   


Accrington Road Runners ‘A’

1 Emma Taylor                     37:17  

2 Laura Hudson                   22:12

3 Kaye Callaghan                23:37

4 Sue Baron                         41:23

5 Lisa Boyle                          23:41

6 Lisa Parker                         22:06

Total                                       2:50:16



Accrington Road Runners ‘B’

1 Carole Morris                     45:28

2 Alexandra Whalley           27:09

3 Millie Kaylie                       26:00

4 Katharine Gregson           46:49

5 Louise Stevenson            27.13

6 Laura Hudson                  23:07

Total                                       3:15:46


Accrington Road Runners ‘C’

1 Fiona Glen                         48:02

2 Colette Mallaborn            31:15

3 Louise Slater                     28:26

4 Michele Baker                   44:54

5 Janet Hoyle                       26:40

6 Sue Baron                        23:14

Total                                       3:22:31



Submitted by: Graham Morris - 777 - created on Mon 27/Mar/2017, last modified Mon 27/Mar/2017.

March 2017
Title: Northern Road Relay - Mens Location: Blackpool Date of event:Sat 25/Mar/2017

Congratulations to Captain Keith and his team on winning our “inter club” relay race on Saturday. The victory was by the narrowest of margins, only 4 minutes over a distance of 46 miles. They deservedly won having led for 11 of the 12 stages.

Team 2 briefly had the lead at the halfway stage 6 with Tom Battrick but the last six runners from Team 1 proved too strong. Top runners on the 9k stages were Chris W & Chris H with identical times. David Savage in his first ARR event being fastest on the 5k Stage. Thanks to all runners that represented the club.


56 Accrington A’          5:32:47

1 Chris Walton               35:01 

2 Keith Robinson           22:48

3 Martin King                 36:29 

4 Martin Bland               21:47

5 Paul Gallagher            38:34 

6 Paul Dudbridge          29:11

7 Chris Halstead            35:01 

8 Andrew Bush              22:49

9 David Sagar               23:18 

10 Mark Jackson           21:51

11 Liam Modem            22:35 

12 Nadeem Hussain       23:23


57 Accrington ‘B’         5:36:10

1 Graham Morris            35:25

2 Damian Fletcher         22:33

3 Glen Goodwin            37:14

4 Michael Coward          22:52

5 Neil Thompson           41:06

6 Tom Battrick               23:57

7 Phililp Doran              38:13

8 Michael Hartley           24:49

9 Fred Green                 23:10

10 David Savage           20:55

11 Stephen Shackleton 22:27

12 Jack Winder             23:29


Submitted by: Graham Morris - 776 - created on Mon 27/Mar/2017, last modified Mon 27/Mar/2017.

March 2017
Title: STAN BRADSHAW PENDLE ROUND Location: Barley, BB12 9JX Date of event:Sat 04/Mar/2017
Paul Calverley

Paul Calverley


      Despite my achilles problem and a previous dearth of racing, this now became my 4th event in as many weeks. The weather during the preceding 3 had been: wet, windy, very wet, very windy, very cold, very foggy, and combinations thereof.  Arriving in Barley on Saturday morning, we’d been warned “Full Winter FRA kit may be required”; aye, this was Pendle Hill in winter – hat, gloves, waterproofs etc. a necessity. One thing I never thought to bring though was my Accy vest, “won’t be needing that today”, I assumed. How wrong I was. Whilst many opted for vest, I went for a long-sleeved top; it’s warm down here, but just wait until we get up top. Fool! It was glorious up top too, with my Garmin Fenix recording 19 degrees (perhaps influenced by body heat), and twice I seriously contemplated stripping off down to my shorts, I really was that hot and sweaty!

       As usual it was a great turn-out for this popular Fell Race, with 241 participants, but sadly only a meagre 5 faithfuls from Accy, for our first Fell Points Race of the year. The competition must have been strong, because Graham could only manage 4th in his category, though Debbie superb as ever, typically won hers, and Lisa was 5th in hers, but all our handicap ratings were substantially down. And despite the sun, it must have been a slower course than previously, for all our times were far from our best, mine was a disappointing 13 mins down on my PB.

       How things change. Coincidentally, afterwards I found myself sat once again with one of the Saddleworth Runners from the previous weekend, where he’d finished 24 mins behind me on the South Pennine 24, today he’d finished 4 mins ahead of me. It was also nice to see a guy from Burden, who’d I run most of the 38 mile Tour de Helvellyn with in December, pipping him by 3 mins, today he’d beaten me by 7 mins. But then I know I’m stronger at longer distances. wink No doubt Paul Corrigan will say the same, as his sister Fiona Hall of Trawden finished a resounding 17 mins in front of him. wink

       At 9.3 miles long, with 1,800 feet of climbing, there are far easier local Fell Races than this, and yet 2 names worthy of a shout were making their debuts: Martin Garnett, a personal trainer from Accy, whom a few of you will know, finished in a very credible time of 1hr 31. And duly lamented why he hadn’t tried Fell Running sooner, as it was much more fun than road running. And Paul Clarke, a 58 year old, died-in-the wool road runner from Rishton, whose previous notion of a tough hilly off-roader might have been a walk in the park, literally. Come on Accy Road Runners, get those Fell Shoes on, there’s golden times in them there hills.


Pos   Category Cat Pos Time Handicap
30 Graham Morris M50 4th 01:23:05 85.46%
85 Deborah Gowans F50 1st 01:32:59 95.65%
114 Paul Calverley M50   01:36:49 99.59%
123 Lisa Parker FS 5th 01:37:42 100.50%
194 Paul Corrigan M40   01:53:03 116.29%


Route & Elevation:


Full Results:


Thanks to David Belshaw for the photos


Submitted by: Paul Calverley - 775 - created on Thu 23/Mar/2017, last modified Mon 27/Mar/2017.

February 2017
Title: SOUTH PENNINE 24 Location: Dovestones, OL3 7NE Date of event:Sat 25/Feb/2017
Bottom Res

Bottom Res


Bit long, but hopefully worth a read


       This is an LDWA Challenge Event, which are Long Distance Walkers events open to runners. They are brilliant - cheap as chips and you can eat your weight in food if you desire! They vary in length, and this particular one was a mere £8 with 5 checkpoints where you could stuff your face over the 24 mile route, and at the finish too! Add to this loads of lovely (hilly) countryside and (largely) runnable paths and these are right up my street. Despite my best intentions, this was only the 2nd one I’ve done, partly because they can be such early morning starts. This one was 8am for both runners & walkers alike, but it was right on my girlfriend Maria’s doorstep.

       We’d already covered some of the course on previous runs, and as more and more of her Hyde club-mates decided to join the fray, I thought it might be a good idea to reccy the remainder of it. Not that I’m competitive mind you wink . This turned-out to be a wise decision, the route wouldn’t be marked (except for a couple of places), and deciphering the written route description wasn’t always easy. Even having downloaded it to my GPS watch like I normally do, we went badly wrong in 2 places. Anyone who has done one of the Bradford or Calderdale Relay legs will know the score, but imagine having to remember 24 miles, or the equivalent of 3 Legs, with all the twists & turns that entails. There was a limit of only 100 entrants (which filled-up in no time), so there was no guarantee you could follow someone (who knew the route).

      Checking the results from last year’s inaugural event, when fellow ARR member Helen Dickson and her husband Gary had walked it, revealed the winning time was 4hrs 12 – surely that was beatable!?

      The LDWA are more relaxed than the FRA (Fell Runners Association), so there was no minimum kit requirements, but obviously you have to use your common sense. You’d be out for hours, some of it on remote elevated moorland in winter, so you’d want a bit more than shorts & t-shirt! The weather forecasters had been doing their usual “the end of the world is nigh” predictions for that particular weekend. They’re obviously southerners! I opted for shorts, thin t-shirt, my thin waterproof jacket and a pair of gloves, which were off & on for the first hour before staying off.

       Race HQ, start & finish was Dovestones Sailing Club, situated on the picturesque reservoir of the same name. This place is so popular with the locals - runners, hikers & dog-walkers, that the substantial pay & display car park is usually full by 9am no matter what the weather. Today’s weather was going to be rough, not quite end of the world stuff, but my jacket never came off.

       The first 1.3 miles is on a solid, mainly flat path, around the eastern flank of the res, before we veered off straight up one of the large grassy hills heading for the Ashway Stone. I’d put myself on the front line and led the way along with a youngish soldier from Manchester; this was a novel experience. It’s a steep 760 foot climb up the hill, so we reverted to power-walking, and as usual I was soon over-taken.

       At the top you’re on the southern end of Saddleworth Moor, it’s a bit bleak, but populated by giant boulders and distinct rocky outcrops like the Wimberry Stones. The path is sandstone and winds its way for 1.7 miles following the ridge back around the res. The views are excellent if you’ve time, but it was raining and we were head on against a strong wind.

     There was a lead group of 8 of us and I was a little surprised we were only 11:30 miling on what was firm, if stony ground. But it was too tricky to overtake. We then diverged away from the ridge, following a less distinct marshy path straight across the moor. Ironically the pace increased on this section and I now had to work hard to keep up. We reached Chew Res - at 1,600 feet it’s the 2nd highest reservoir in England; on the opposite side was checkpoint 1 at 4.7 miles. I was last of the group but whilst most went for refreshments I pushed on with another two runners.

       The path alongside Chew is fairly good for the most part, but once at the far end it becomes nothing more than a faint soily trail criss-crossing a stream. The stream itself meanders through deep gullies flanked by head high banks of soft soil. We were now back to 8 runners, and all of us conspired to lose the ‘path’. We fanned out and hastily scrambled up and down the banks trying to find the elusive route. Now I normally have the course downloaded to my GPS watch, but what I didn’t realise until after the race had started was that it had failed to load. However 5.6 miles in and we found the fence and spotted the stile. Back on track, but we’d made a right mess of that short section allowing another runner to catch us up.

       Once over the stile you’re out of the mire and the path is much clearer and I got myself to the front. We were about to start dropping and I didn’t want anyone blocking me. It’s a 1,100 foot drop over the next 2 miles down to Crowden campsite and outdoor centre. The path is very rocky and hazardous, but I’m pretty good at these descents and I wasn’t about to take it easy. My aim was to drop as many of the pack as possible without trashing my quads. There weren’t many opportunities to take my eyes off the ground let alone look around, but I could tell from the receding voices I’d soon opened a gap up.

       I sailed into Checkpoint 2 at 7.7 miles, 8 mins behind my hopeful target but with a clear lead (maybe 100 yards?). I stopped only momentarily to top up my water and back out onto a tarmac lane. Despite the undulations and having to keep my head down from the fierce wind & rain, I picked the pace up a little (9 min miling). Dropping down to the infamous Woodhead Road/Pass, I afforded myself a first glance back, up the lane; there was no one in sight – a 200 yard lead!? That was surprising. I paused only for 1 vehicle before shooting across the treacherously busy road and into the woods on the other side.

       Gliding through the trees and protected from the weather I was relaxed. Once out of the trees I was back onto tarmac, splashing through puddles, and off across the dam that separates the large & scenic Torside and Rhodeswood reservoirs. Reaching the opposite side, it was a sharp right to follow the chain of the 6 Longdendale reservoirs down to Hadfield and Tintwistle. Before disappearing down the trail, I glanced back and there were still no pursuers in sight – a 4oo yard lead? Wow! I’ve never led a race before, and this was a wonderful feeling.

       Having no one breathing down my neck was just what I’d hoped for because it meant I couldn’t be followed along the obscured correct line. 250 yards down the trail you turn left through a little tunnel. Now this is a deceptive bit, where we’d gone badly wrong on the reccy. Instinct tells you to turn right at the end of the tunnel and keep going in the direction you’d just been heading, but instead you turn left and go back on yourself, then left again. This brings you onto an elevated solid bridleway running parallel with the other paths but completely separated by trees, bushes and fences. I would later discover that the 3 pursuing Saddleworth Runners made that very mistake and ended up off at a tangent in the extremely boggy field, having to laboriously work their way out.   

       Meanwhile, I was starting to grow in confidence, slipping into normal road running mode and lengthened my stride - 8 minute miling along the good paths. In my haste I’d have forgotten the next turning, but fortunately they’d marked it. I then went slightly wrong by following the bridleway instead of a short-cut across a field. Onto a lane, turn right and back down to the reservoirs (Valehouse). This path is narrow but runnable, another turn right and you’re by the shore of Bottoms res. Checkpoint 3 at 12 miles was at the end and I was astonished to reach it in 2hrs 4; 1 minute ahead of schedule, I’d made 9 mins up! This time I grabbed a bag of tuna sandwiches and stashed it for later.

       Leaving the checkpoint, you followed a main road in Tintwistle for about 200 yards, before turning left off along a footpath in between houses. I was disappointed to discover they’d marked that turning, as it could easily be missed and I was hoping to get an advantage there. This brings you onto a new estate for a few hundred yards before you re-cross the A628 and down a country lane. Then it’s up the locally infamous Cow Lane which is a bit of a drag at this point; time to run/walk, eat & stretch my troublesome achilles out.

       I was half expecting to see my lead being cut going up here, but still no one, and I turned off onto another long country lane. Despite slowing down for those arduous 3 miles, I came into Checkpoint 4 at 15 miles 2 mins up on schedule. No pressure and things were looking good.

       From here on during our reccy we’d taken the most direct paths across Hobson Moor to the trig up at Wild Bank but it wasn’t the official race route. I decided to play fair, and duly went wrong. I missed a footpath, dropped down to a main raod, came back up a lane, turned right, and found myself heading back towards the last Checkpoint. Recognising a path I knew in the distance, I darted across the field, climbed the barbed-wire fence and got back on track; albeit bleeding. Below the trig, my route converged with the official one and I was relieved to see no runners. From the trig, it’s mostly a shallow downhill for 2 miles over runnable moorland and firm fields. I love this terrain; and I was flying.

       Having made a large sweeping left turn to cross the dam of Higher Swineshaw res, I was able to look back over the open moorland almost to the trig and I couldn’t spot any other runners. I estimated the distance was 1.5 miles, which meant I had at least a 12 minute lead. Unbelievable! Climbing from the res up Swineshaw Moor, I eased off to a run/walk and ate some more of the tuna sandwich. The path flattens across a shallow ridge before a sharpish descent to the houses of Carrbrook. The main path takes an elongated V, but I knew a shortcut that went straight down, following a stream along a grassy bed. On the reccy I’d mistakenly followed the stream to a dead end in a steep rocky gully. This time I didn’t miss the hidden little path that takes you off through the heather. I arrived at the bottom and at Checkpoint 5 just 2 mins behind schedule, 20 miles in, 4 more uphill miles to go. I had 45 mins to break last year’s winning time, 33 mins to beat the 4 hr mark. The latter looked impossible now.

       From the checkpoint, I went through a small housing estate and up a country road, then off on a parallel footpath that skirts up and around the hillside of Buckton Moor. I was feeling tired now and reverted to a run/walk, staying patient and ran the rest of the easier sections. At a farmhouse, the path forked and I couldn’t remember which fork. I took the higher one reasoning it would be easier to run back downhill, and it was correct. The next turning over a stile was marked which was a pity, as it was on a downhill tarmac lane and anyone hurrying along could quite easily miss it. Around the hillside of White Gate Pike and back down to another lane; not far now.

       The lane ended at a farmhouse and there was another forked footpath but I couldn’t remember which of these it was. I took the higher one and this time I was wrong but it was easy enough to drop down the short hillside and scramble over the fence. Back onto a lane and past a row of cottages, I realised the mileage was out, I didn’t have another mile to do; I was almost back. I’d smash last years’ time, was sub 4 hrs still possible? I mustered everything to charge down the lane and reach Dovestones but the seconds were disappearing. As I faced the slight rise back up to the sailing club I’d had enough. Entering the clubhouse I was officially timed at 4hrs 1min and delighted – not only had I won my first ever event at the ripe old age of 51 but I was the course record holder (for now). Ha ha. Who’d have thought it?! To my surprise the 2nd runner came in only 2 mins behind me; he’d been eroding my big lead for the last 7 miles.

       No prizes, just a certificate. Shower, change, compare notes with the 3 Saddleworth Runners, and eat! The meat pie was bland, but the selections of cakes were delicious and magically the plate kept refilling. The world outside was surviving the storm. Happy days indeed.


Route & Elevation:


Full Results:


The photos were taken during the reccies


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February 2017
Title: MUDDY SHOES Location: Calder Vale, PR3 1SJ Date of event:Sun 12/Feb/2017
Goody Bag

Goody Bag


       What a cracking little event this is! I’ve been nursing a sore achilles for months, and frustrated with the lack of racing and inability to road-run, I decided to have a last-minute pop at this localish off-road race, seeing as the achilles was feeling slightly better. There’s a choice of 11 or 5 mile routes, though the prices are the same at £14.50, which seemed fairly reasonable, but in return we were rewarded with a cracking goody bag of: medal; large chocolate bar; hat; gloves; socks & a bottle of water. In addition to this we also got fed afterwards in the village hall, with pie & mushy pies, a cake & a brew. And it was chip-timed. What a bargain!

       It’s a small event, with only 80 competitors on this occasion, 46 of whom were doing the longer distance.  Starting & finishing in the village of Calder Vale, nestling down in a deep narrow valley, surrounded by lovely countryside, and with no-one in particular to compete against other than myself, it seemed an ideal little test.

       I optimistically put myself right on the front-line, which was a good call - the start was up a steep farm lane, which resembled a Fell Race rather than the Trail Race this promised to be, and it immediately sorted everyone’s abilities out. I was 3rd as we went up through 2 farms before it finally levelled-off, but the front 2 had already opened a substantial gap up, and before long I’d lost sight of them on the twisty and undulating route. The route wasn’t marked, and I hesitated at the next farm, not knowing which direction to head, until the runner immediately behind called-out to me. Over a stile and across a field to a kissing-gate, I hesitated again, this time I let the following runner pass me, so that I could follow, rather than trying to second-guess his heading.

       I usually download off-road race routes to my watch, but hadn’t bothered on this occasion, so I was happy to follow this guy who obviously knew the way; and I’m glad I did, for despite the 4 checkpoints/water stations, and the clearly marked map we’d been given, there’s no way I could have figured this route out on my own whilst maintaining a full race pace. He’d pull away on occasions, especially on uphill sections, but I never lost sight of him, and I’d reel him in again on the flat or downhill.

       It is a lovely scenic route - over firm fields, along country lanes, through woods, down by rivers, and over little rises which gave commanding views. And when all is said and done, it was rather runnable, and with only 800 feet of climbing over the actual 10.1 miles it turned out to be. It was a steepish descent down the field back to Calder Vale, and in my Fell Shoes I was able to reduce the big gap he’d created right down to a couple of strides, but the final little climb to the finish enabled him to beat me by 25 seconds. We’d finished 6 mins behind the 2 young front lads, but 5 mins ahead of the next pair in 5th & 6th. I’d had a far better run that I expected, and my achilles had withstood this particular test. What’s more my girlfriend Maria was 1st in her category. No prizes, but what a great morning!




Team name





Matt Rowat






Sean Davis






Martin Coulthurst


Male Vet 50




Paul Calverley

Accrington RR

Male Vet 50




Full Results:


Route & Elevation:


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February 2017
Title: RIBBLE VALLEY 10K Location: Roefield Leisure Centre, Edisford Bridge, BB7 3LA Date of event:Thu 09/Feb/2017


27th Dec, 2016. 1st Road Points Race


       After the cancellation of the 2015 event, due to the extensive flooding in the Ribble Valley that December, it was a welcome return in 2016, for this popular PB course. Slightly surprisingly entries were marginally down on 2014’s record figures, but there were still a very healthy 1,080 runners, and yet another excellent turnout from ARR, of 40 members, as it continues to be our favourite event. And once again, despite the presence of some top quality runners right across the categories (which included Blackburn Harriers' 800 & 1500 mtr Olympian Alison Leonard, and 3 runners went below 30 mins) we did rather well with the prizes too: Graham & Glen were 2nd & 3rd in the V50 Category, and our Ladies team - of Emma, Catherine & Michele – took bronze for the 2nd time running!!

       Chris Walton managed to hold off Graham by a mere 2 secs, to bag maximum points in our 1st Points Race of the season. Glen (after many years of running), managed to bag himself a PB on his 52nd Birthday!  Emma Taylor, after having her massive PB from Trafford 10K removed due to it being re-measured as a short course, only missed that time here by 9 secs. Neil Thompson’s move up to Tuesday’s Group 1 is bringing rewards, this was his 3rd 10K PB of the year! And this was Catherine Derbyshire’s 2nd 10K PB and she was 4th in her category.

       Mark Jackson was one of many making his official debut, which also included: Andrew Figiel; Sadie Speight; Fred Green; Dave Shaw; Gary Carswell; Deborah Benmore; Pamela McCullagh; and Alex Fensome; Welcome to the club! smiley

       This was Keith Robinson’s & Michele Baker’s 2nd 10K PBs of the year too; and Stephen Shackleton’s, whose progress has been formidable. Evergreen Nancy managed a PB too. And Tom, celebrating his 60th birthday, only narrowly missed his PB - yes records do go that far back! wink But Vet 65 Alan Fearnhead bettered even that, smashing his PB from back in 2010. It was nice to see Leslie Readfearn back racing. Louise Slater seems to have the racing bug now and managed her 2nd 10K of the year too. And Geoff & Kath Snape made their annual racing appearance, with Geoff achieving his fastest time since 2013. 


Pos Name Chip Category Cat Pos  
119 CHRIS WALTON 00:36:24 Male 84 SB
121 GRAHAM MORRIS 00:36:26 Mv50 2 SB
134 GLEN GOODWIN 00:37:01 Mv50 3 PB by 3 secs
201 CHRIS HALSTEAD 00:38:48 Male 124 SB
209 EMMA TAYLOR 00:39:03 Female 13 PB by 3 mins 55
267 NEIL THOMPSON 00:40:57 Male 146 PB by 1 min 53
317 CATHERINE DERBYSHIRE 00:42:19 Fv40 4 PB by 57 secs
379 MARK JACKSON 00:43:57 Mv45 40 Debut
383 ANDREW FIGIEL 00:44:00 Mv50 33 Debut
409 PAUL CORRIGAN 00:44:52 Mv40 48  
440 KEITH ROBINSON 00:45:24 Mv45 51 PB by 57 secs
453 DAMIAN FLETCHER 00:45:46 Male 202  
459 MICHELE BAKER 00:46:07 Fv45 10 PB by 38 secs
486 STEPHEN SHACKLETON 00:46:50 Mv50 47 PB by 5 mins 32
494 NANCY BAILEY 00:47:00 Fv50 6 PB by 7 secs
498 SADIE SPEIGHT 00:47:09 Female 31 Debut
522 THOMAS BATTRICK 00:47:41 Mv60 13 Missed PB by just 8 secs
539 KATHARINE GREGSON 00:48:11 Fv40 12  
546 LESLIE READFEARN 00:48:13 Mv60 14  
581 FRED GREEN 00:49:03 Male 229 Debut
601 PETER WARING 00:49:27 Mv55 26 SB
633 ALISON HARGREAVES 00:49:44 Fv50 12  
703 ANGELA TERRY 00:52:08 Fv45 24  
727 ALAN FEARNHEAD 00:52:42 Mv65 10 PB by 1 min 35
729 LOUISE SLATER 00:53:01 Fv45 27 PB by 3 mins 37
743 PAUL JACKSON 00:53:08 Mv65 12 SB
829 JANET HOYLE 00:56:14 Fv55 10  
836 DAVE SHAW 00:56:11 Mv55 43 Debut
839 PAIGE MALLABOURN-EDMONDSON 00:56:34 Female 68  
840 PETER BLACKLEDGE 00:56:50 Mv65 14 SB
862 GARY CARSWELL 00:57:20 Mv45 92 Debut
886 GEOFFREY SNAPE 00:57:12 Mv65 15  
890 DEBORAH BENMORE 00:57:30 Fv50 30 Debut
917 PAMELA MCCULLAGH 00:58:56 Fv40 45 Debut
930 KAREN FIGIEL 00:59:38 Fv50 35  
933 ALEX FENSOME 00:59:41 Fv35 38 Debut
938 RUTH DAWSON 00:59:26 Fv45 46  
1017 COLETTE MALLABOURN 01:03:53 Fv45 56  
1027 KAREN JACKSON 01:04:43 Fv55 16 SB
1079 KATHLEEN SNAPE 01:21:29 Fv60 9  


Full Results:


Route & elevation:


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February 2017
Title: Diary of Events 2017 Location: N/A Date of event:Fri 03/Feb/2017

Diary of Events – 2017


Dec 27 Sun                 Ribble Valley 10k                                                        Club Road Race (1)

Jan7 Sat                    Lancashire XC Championships – Witton                    Cross Country

Jan 15 Sun                  East Lancs Hospice 10k                                             Social Road Race


Feb5 Sun                   Blackburn Winter Warmer                                          Social Road Race                  

Feb 21 Tues                Winter Run/Eat                                                           Winter Run/Eat


Mar4 Sat                   Stan Bradshaw                                                           Fell Race (1)              

Mar 5 Sun                   Ron Hill 10k – Accrington                                          Social Road Race

Mar 19 Sun                 Wigan Half Marathon                                                  Club Road Race (2)

Mar 25 Sat                  Northern Road Relays – Blackpool                            Team Relay   


Apr8 Sat                    Wardle Skyline                                                            Fell Race (2)

Apr 23 Sun                  London Marathon                                                        Major Event

Apr 25 Tues                Summer Run TBA – see website                               Summer Run


May7 Sun                 Hameldon Hill                                                             Fell Race (3)

May 16 Tues               Summer Run TBA – see website                               Summer Run

May 21 Sun                Calderdale Way Relay                                                Team Relay


June1 Thurs              Henderson End                                                           Fell Race (4)

June 4 Sun                  Burnley 10k                                                                 Club Road Race (3)

June 6 Tues                Summer Run TBA – see website                              Summer Run

June 16 Fri                  Barrowford GP 5k                                                      Club Road Race (4)

June 21 Wed               Sabden Trail Race runners & marshals required            Social Trail Race       

June 25 Sun                Bradford Millennium Way Relay                                Team Relay


July4 Tues                 Summer Run TBA – see website– 6.45pm                 Summer Run

July 5 Wed                  Rob Shepherd                                                             Fell Race (5)

July 15 Sat                  Elswick Express                                                         Club Road Race (5)

July 21 Fri                   Athletics Night – Wilsons Track                                     Social Fun Event


Aug2 Wed                 Whittle Pike                                                                 Fell Race (6)

Aug 6 Sun                   Lancaster 10 mile                                                       Club Road Race (6)

Aug 8 Tues                  Handicapped Race – Edisford Br -Clitheroe                 Summer Run

Aug 19 Sat                  Race the Train – North Wales                                    Social Race


Sept5 Tues                Summer Run TBA – see website                               Summer Run

Sept 9 Sat                   Men’s & Ladies 4 & 3 relays - Blackpool                     Road relay

Sept 16 or 23 Sat        Men’s & Ladies 6 & 4 relays - Manchester                   Road relay

Sept 17 Sun                Bury 10k                                                                     Club Road Race (7)

Sept 30 Sat                 Thieveley Pike                                                                        Fell Race (7)


Oct6 Fri                      AGM Meeting – Peel Park Pub                                  Social

Oct 15 Sun                  British Fell & Hill Relay – North Wales                         Team Relay

Oct Sat                        Red Rose League –                                                    Cross Country

Oct 29 Sun                  Accrington 10k we don’t run this event, we marshal the route.           Marshals Please!



Nov 7 Tues                 Winter Run/Eat                                                           Winter Run/Eat

Nov Sat                       Red Rose League                                                       Cross Country

Nov 26 Sun                 Lee Mill Relays – Off Road                                        Team Relay


Dec2 Sat                    Presentation Night –   TBA                                         Social

Dec Sat                       Red Rose League                                                       Cross Country

Dec Sat                       Turkey Trott                                                                Social Race

Dec                             Ribble Valley 10k                                                        Club Road Race 

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