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Accrington 10K - Sun 27/Oct/19
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*** ARR 10K Results ***
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1. Mon 27/Jan/2020: Event item by Fred Green - The Badger 10k (Trail 5/7).

2. Fri 24/Jan/2020: Event item by Graham Morris - Park Run Hyndburn.

3. Fri 24/Jan/2020: News item by Graham Morris - Handicap Race 2019 (19/Jan/20).

4. Tue 21/Jan/2020: Event item by Fred Green - Chipping Show Fell Race (Fell 7/7).

5. Tue 21/Jan/2020: Event item by Fred Green - Boulsworth Fell Race (Fell 6/7).

6. Tue 21/Jan/2020: Event item by Fred Green - Lee Mill Fell Race (Fell 5/7).

7. Tue 21/Jan/2020: Event item by Fred Green - Rob Shepherd's Stirton, (Fell 4/7).

8. Mon 20/Jan/2020: Ranking by Joshua Woodstock - East Lancs Hospice 10k.

9. Sun 19/Jan/2020: Event item by Graham Morris - Remembrance Windmill 10k.

10. Sun 19/Jan/2020: Event item by Graham Morris - Townley Park 10K.

11. Sun 19/Jan/2020: Event item by Graham Morris - Darwen Half Marathon.

12. Sun 19/Jan/2020: Event item by Fred Green - Rivington Trail Half Marathon (Trail 7/7).

13. Sun 19/Jan/2020: Event item by Fred Green - Padiham Trail Race 10k (Trail 6/7).

14. Sun 19/Jan/2020: Event item by Fred Green - Pendle Trail Race (Trail 4/7).

15. Sun 19/Jan/2020: Event item by Fred Green - Race the Train - Bury to Rawtenstall (Trail Race 3/7).

16. Sun 19/Jan/2020: Event item by Fred Green - Run Forrest Run Trail Race (Trail 2/7).

17. Fri 17/Jan/2020: Event item by Graham Morris - Holcombe Two Towers.

18. Fri 17/Jan/2020: Event item by Graham Morris - Coiners Fell Race.

19. Fri 17/Jan/2020: News item by Fred Green - 2020 POINTS RACES (17/Jan/20).

20. Wed 15/Jan/2020: News item by Graham Morris - Lancashire Cross Country (10/Jan/20).


1. Message posted by Liam Moden on Sun 26/Jan/2020.

Details have been released regarding the worsthorne with hurst wood team relay taking place on Saturday 14 march . ( see club events ) . I will be asking for names on Tuesday nights and other training nights . We hope to have a number of equal, mixed ability ,teams enter . Please try to make yourself available(message will expire on Sun 15/Mar/2020).

2. Message posted by Liam Moden on Sun 26/Jan/2020.

Sunday 9 th Feb . Marathon training. Starting at hynburn sports centre 9.00 am (17 miles ) / greyhound 9.20 (15 miles ) / gamecock 9.45 am (12 miles) / co op whalley 10.05 ( 10 miles ) petre arms 10.20 am ( 8 miles ) wait at points we will be there(message will expire on Sun 02/Feb/2020).

3. Message posted by Liam Moden on Sun 26/Jan/2020.

Sunday 2 Feb . Runners who wish to incorporate the winter warmer into marathon training.set off from hynburn sports centre at 9.00 am . Gentle jog to witton park arriving around ten am / race / run back to the sports centre . ( 16 mile total ) all welcome(message will expire on Mon 03/Feb/2020).

4. Message posted by Liam Moden on Sun 26/Jan/2020.

Sunday 2 Feb . Mick bowkley will be leading a 16 mile run from the knowles arms , pleckgate rd Blackburn. Please note 9.30 am start . All welcome(message will expire on Mon 03/Feb/2020).

5. Message posted by Graham Morris on Fri 24/Jan/2020.

Hyndburn – Park Run

We have been asked by parkrun would we be willing to “take over” the 22nd February run. This would include everything from the time keeping to the marshalling of the route. We estimate 20 to 25 of our members would be needed to make sure everything is covered.

Since this event started in 2017, we have had 77 of our members complete almost 1000 runs, more than any other club……………. It is only fair we do our share and give the organisers a day off.

Let’s show our support for parkrun and turn up in large numbers to make it a fantastic run.

If available please contact Paul or Karen Jackson, or any member of the committee.

(message will expire on Fri 21/Feb/2020).

6. Message posted by Graham Morris on Thu 23/Jan/2020.

Our first 2 x Club Road Races have both been "sell out" events with some of our members missing out on a race number. Lostock 6 mile is on 23rd Feb this is also a popular race. Dont leave it too late and enter early, so we dont have any members missing the race. 

(message will expire on Sat 22/Feb/2020).

7. Message posted by Graham Morris on Sat 18/Jan/2020.

All club races for 2020 have been decided and are in the process of being added to the Club events tab on this website. They have also been added to the Club news section on the website  

(message will expire on Fri 31/Jan/2020).

8. Message posted by Liam Moden on Sat 23/Nov/2019.

At the a g m Julia suggested that more emphasis could be directed towards team relay events ( for all ) . One such event that we intend to have several teams in is the hurstwood trail race . This takes place on Saturday 14th march . All members are positively encouraged to get involved. More nearer the time(message will expire on Mon 30/Mar/2020).

9. Message posted by Liam Moden on Fri 25/Oct/2019.

Kit is now available online at . Search my clubs and press the Accrington road runners icon . I have some lady's fit samples on request. RACE VESTS ARE STILL FROM LIAM ON CLUBNIGHTS AND RACES.(message will expire on Sun 01/Nov/2020).

10. Message posted by David Sagar on Mon 06/Aug/2018.

After listening to feedback from various members, can we recommend that anybody with any special diet requirements or allergies that are attending future club events wether Summer Runs or other social events, please contact the venue directly and in advance to arrange their meals please. This will help the venue to cater for your needs.(message will expire on Thu 13/Aug/2020).

11. Message posted by Liam Moden on Thu 05/Jul/2018.

If anyone wants to buy a running vest ( new style ) I will have one size of each in my car at races and club nights . . The sizes are extra small ladies , small, medium , large ladies and small , medium and large men's . Thanks liam £15 each . Buy two get a free bonus item(message will expire on Sat 12/Dec/2020).
ARR members - Athletics night 2016

Club events

Blackburn road runners winter warmer. On Sun 02/Feb/2020, which is only 5 days away.
S e lancs x country. On Sat 15/Feb/2020, which is only 18 days away.
Park Run Hyndburn. On Sat 22/Feb/2020, which is only 25 days away.
Lostock 6 mile. On Sun 23/Feb/2020, which is only 26 days away.
Stan Bradshaw Half Tour Pendle. On Sat 07/Mar/2020, which is only 39 days away.
Trail relay. On Sat 14/Mar/2020, which is only 46 days away.
Darwen Half Marathon. On Thu 26/Mar/2020, which is only 58 days away.
Stockton Duathlon. On Sun 26/Apr/2020, which is only 88 days away.
Coiners Fell Race. On Fri 08/May/2020, which is only 100 days away.
Run Forrest Run Trail Race (Trail 2/7). On Wed 13/May/2020, which is only 105 days away.
Fell race relay. On Sun 17/May/2020, which is only 109 days away.
Holcombe Two Towers. On Wed 10/Jun/2020, which is only 133 days away.
Barrowford Grand Prix 5K. On Fri 19/Jun/2020, which is only 142 days away.
Race the Train - Bury to Rawtenstall (Trail Race 3/7). On Sun 21/Jun/2020, which is only 144 days away.
Trail relay. On Thu 25/Jun/2020, which is only 148 days away.
Rob Shepherd's Stirton, (Fell 4/7). On Wed 01/Jul/2020, which is only 154 days away.
Bradford Millennium Way relay. On Sun 05/Jul/2020, which is only 158 days away.
Townley Park 10K. On Sun 12/Jul/2020, which is only 165 days away.
Pendle Trail Race (Trail 4/7). On Sun 19/Jul/2020, which is only 172 days away.
Lee Mill Fell Race (Fell 5/7). On Wed 29/Jul/2020, which is only 182 days away.
The Badger 10k (Trail 5/7). On Thu 06/Aug/2020, which is only 190 days away.
Boulsworth Fell Race (Fell 6/7). On Sun 09/Aug/2020, which is only 193 days away.
Handicap Race. On Tue 11/Aug/2020, which is only 195 days away.
Race the Train. On Sat 15/Aug/2020, which is only 199 days away.
Chipping Show Fell Race (Fell 7/7). On Sat 22/Aug/2020, which is only 206 days away.
Padiham Trail Race 10k (Trail 6/7). On Sun 20/Sep/2020, which is only 235 days away.
Rivington Trail Half Marathon (Trail 7/7). On Sat 03/Oct/2020, which is only 248 days away.
Remembrance Windmill 10k. On Sun 08/Nov/2020, which is only 285 days away.
Lee mills relays. On Sun 29/Nov/2020, which is only 306 days away.

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Club News
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January 2020
Title: Handicap Race 2019 Location: Clitheroe Date of event:Sun 19/Jan/2020
Handicap Race 2019
Pos Name Time Comment Handicap Time
1 Louise Stevenson 56.30 Completed all races since 2014 when she finished 2nd over a minute up on last year 59.00
2 Pam McCullagh 53.55 Second time Pam has been runner-up, finished in a time of 55.03 in 2017 56.00
3 David Mallaby 52.34 Always performs well in this event twice finished 3rd and our 2015 winner. 54.00
4 Martin Bland 43.35 2 top ten finishes in his 3 apperances in this event. Very consistant times. 45.00
5 Louise Robinson 52.45 PB on this course, massive improvement on last years time. Well done. 54.00
6 Nicola Miller 53.00 First time running with the club in any event, thanks for joining us……. 54.00
7 Ricky Billington 48.50 Another PB on this course. Great year so far one of our most improved runners 50.00
8 Josh Woodstock 37.58 First time under 38 minutes for Josh. Also one of our improved runners 39.00
9 Andy Orr 43.09 Guest runner from our Thursday track sessions. Almost a minute under handicap. 44.00
10 Laura Hudson 48.49 Great time for Laura considering her lack of training, just into the top 10 49.30
11 Dave Allison 43.50 First apprearance in this event, well under Handicap time. 44.30
12 Katharine Gregson 51.04 Second appearance in this race, slightly under estimated time. 51.30
13 Chris Walton 36.00 Fastest man on the day and highest finish in 3 appearances 36.30
14 Sue Rodwell 49.38 Good run from one of our new lady members within seconds of handicap time. 50.00
15 Kaye Callaghan 49.43 Never missed any of these races, this was Kaye's highest finishing position 50.00
16 Peter Hoyle 57.54 Good run from Peter, under his handicap time. Best finish was 4th in 2015 58.00
17 Jo Hosker 47.47 Very consistant times on this course all within a minute on the last 5 races. 48.00
18 Damian Fletcher 44.58 Just under Handicap time, has run much faster on this course. Best position 5th - 2018 45.00
19 Steve Burton 39.06 Within seconds of his handicap time, identical time to 2018 RV result 39.00
20 Neil Williamson 40.32 First time in our Handicap event, ran exactly as estimated.  40.30
21 Neil Thompson 43.05 Although been ill, still had a good run, only 30 seconds down on last year. 43.00
22 Michael Hartley 51.35 Only man to complete all races since 2014. Best finish 7th in 2014 51.30
23 Adrian Melton 57.15 Slightly down on last year but still top half finish. 57.00
24 Craig Clarke 48.10 First time in this event for Craig, 1 minute faster than his 2018 RV10k time. 48.00
25 Alex Whalley 59.15 4 appearances in our race, finished 6th last year & 9th in 2015 in 54 mins…… 59.00
26 Karen Figiel 60.21 4th race in a row for Karen, down on last year, but finished close to her handicap 60.00
27 Janet Hoyle 56.29 Only missed one race in 6 years, best finish 5th in 2015 56.00
28 Rebecca Burton 56.32 First race on this course, solid run just outside handicap time. 56.00
29 John Macholc 48.31 Just a minute down on last year, also just outside estimated time 48.00
30 Glen Goodwin 37.35 Over a minute faster than last year, only missed one race since 2014. 37.00
31 Darrin Robinson 45.11 Good time despite a carrying a slight injury 44.30
32 Stuart Ramsay 50.36 Another solid run, only 30 seconds over handicap time 50.00
33 Christian Hill 54.20 Making his debut in this race, finished 40 seconds under estimated time 55.00
34 Liam Moden 43.40 Last years winner, could'nt just quite match 2018 performance 43.00
35 Cath Derbyshire 43.41 Winner of our first Handicap race in 2014, not missed a race since 43.00
36 Andrew Figiel 44.41 Slightly down on last year but still a good time. 44.00
37 Andy Bush 45.14 Only missed one race in 6 years, best time on this course is 41:00 44.30
38 Lisa Parker 45.50 Slightly down on last year, 4 times completed this race. 45.00
39 Paul Calverley 41.01 Down on prevoius races, just back after injury has finishe in 39 mins in 2017 40.00
40 Louise Slater 57.09 Just over a minute over estimated time, best finish 14th in 2016 56.00
41 Chris Halstead 38.44 Best time in this event from 4 x prevoius races 37.30
42 Fred Green 46.20 Much improved on last years nightmare, but still down on his top 10 finish of 2017 45.00
43 Sarah Ridehalgh 43.47 5th Handicap race in a row for Sarah, finished 2nd in 2015 42.30
44 Bethan Walton 48.50 Guest runner from Rossendale, just over a minute from estimated time. 47.30
45 Joe Curran 41.56 Good run but down on last years 7th place finish 40.30
46 Keith Robinson 48.18 Only missed one race since 2014, best finish 3rd overall in 2014 46.30
47 Carole Morris 50.20 Also only missed 1 x race since 2014, best time 47.45 last year. 48.00
48 Tom Battrick 51.51 5 x appearances for Tom in our Handicap, best finish 6th in 2016 49.30
49 Gary Carswell 47.09 Debut in this event, struggled to match his 44 mins at Wesham earlier in year 44.30
50 Mick Coward 49.50 Not his best race……..has done 44 mins on this course in 2016 47.00
51 Dave Sagar 51.50 Ran with injury but still finished. Best time 44 mins in 2017. He will be back….. 48.00
52 Sue Baron 43.00 Just used as a training run. Finished in 40 minutes last year. 41.00
53 Paul Gallagher DNF    
54 Les Readfearn DNF    


Submitted by: Graham Morris - 855 - created on Fri 24/Jan/2020.

January 2020
Title: 2020 POINTS RACES Location: N/A Date of event:Fri 17/Jan/2020

Hi all - the 2020 points races have now been agreed!


Thank you to Dave Sagar for his hard work in this area - and to everyone else who has contributed and supported.


Whilst Graham will e-mail out the formal diary of events, and the races will appear on the website as "club events", here is the list of races and dates for each "class". 





1. Dec 29 2019 - Ribble Valley 10k

2. Feb 2 - Blackburn Winter Warmer 10k

3. Feb 23 - Lostock 6 Mile

4. Mar 29 - Darwen Half Marathon

5. Jun 19 - Barrowford GP 5k (Podium)

6. Jul 12 - Townley Park 10k

7. Nov 8 - Windmill Remembrance 10k




1. Mar 7 - Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round

2. May 8 - Coiners Fell Race , Mytholmroyd

3. Jun 10 - Holcombe 2 Towers

4. Jul 1 - Stirton Fell, Skipton

5. July 29 - Lee Mill Fell, Bacup

6. Aug 9 - Boulsworth Fell Race

7. Aug 22 - Chipping Show Fell Race




1. Jan 19 - East Lancs Hospice 10k

2. May 13 - Run Forest Run Race (Formerly Wholan Nook)

3. Jun 21 - Race The Train - Bury

4. July 19 - Pendle Trail Race

5. Aug 6 - Cuerden Valley 10k Trail Race

6. Sept 20 - Padiham Trail Race

7. Oct 3 - Rivington Trail Half Marathon 



Submitted by: Fred Green - 850 - created on Fri 17/Jan/2020, last modified Fri 17/Jan/2020.

January 2020
Title: Lancashire Cross Country Location: Witton Park Date of event:Fri 10/Jan/2020

Lancashire Cross Country Championships – Witton Park – Sat 4th Jan

Fantastic results for Accrington Road Runners in these championships.

“Punching above our weight” is a phrase that comes to mind.

As one of the smallest clubs in the county we won 3 x team & 7 individual medals; no other club won this many. Well done to all that represented the club.




Role of Honour - Team


Ladies Team – 3rd Overall

Sarah, Catherine, Debbie & Lisa P


1st Manx Harriers                              

2nd Blackburn Harriers                    

3rd Accrington Road Runners       


Ladies Vet Team – Winners

Sarah, Catherine, Debbie


1st Accrington Road Runners -     

2nd Clayton -le-Moors -                   

3rd Lytham St Annes -                      


Men’s Vet Team

Glen, Chris H, Josh & Graham


1st Ribble Valley Harriers               

2nd Lancaster & Morecambe       

3rd Accrington Road Runners       



Role of Honour - Individual

Gold Medal

Glen Goodwin

Sarah Ridehalgh


Silver Medal

Julia Hartley

Debbie Gowans

Graham Morris


Bronze Medal

Sue Rodwell

Catherine Derbyshire


Top 10 finishers

Lisa Parker

Chris Halstead

Michael Toman


Other team members

Pam McCullagh

Steve Burton

Mark Irving

Andy Orr

Liam Moden


Team supporters

Dave Allison

Fred Green

Ant Ridehalgh



Submitted by: Graham Morris - 849 - created on Wed 15/Jan/2020, last modified Wed 15/Jan/2020.

January 2020
Title: Red Rose Cross Country - Rossendale Location: Marl Pitts Date of event:Fri 03/Jan/2020

Red Rose Cross Country League– Race 4 Marl Pitts, Rossedale.


Final event of the Cross-Country season was on the “infamous” Marl Pitts course in Rossendale. We had 17 runners competing, which is our best ever turn-out at this event.

The ladies finished a fantastic 2nd in Vets Race and 3rd overall which gave us runners-up in the overall end of season league table.


Our men had their best ever result overall finishing 6th in the final league table.

Individually Debbie, Glen & Louise Stevenson won their age groups and Julia finished 3rd.

Catherine D, Sarah, Jo, Sue Rodwell, Nancy & Graham all finished inn the top 10 of their age groups.



Although the ladies and men’s races are separate, we can determine the order of merit by calculating finishing times and positions when running against their own gender.

All those with a percent under 100% finished in the top half of their race.

First 4 finishers all ladies……



ARR Runners


1.Debbie Gowans -      78.88% - Another fantastic season, British Fell & Cross-Country Champion                                   in her age group, (winning all the races) and 9th overall in the league.


2. Cath Derbyshire      79.96% - Best season in cross country for Catherine, finished 4th overall in                                   age group, missing 3rd by only 1 position. Only missed 1 race in 4 seasons.


3. Glen Goodwin           84.18% - League champion in his age group, completed every race for                                   in the 3 x seasons, currently our top male runner on every surface.

4. Lisa Parker                85.59% - 16 x Cross Country races in total and her best ever result, 5th in age group in this race.


5. Julia Hartley              85.70% - Another top run from Julia, 4th in age group and finished 3rd overall for season. Best result this season at Todmorden.


6. Nancy Bailey           90.08% - 19 cross countries completed and this was the 2nd best result ever, finished the season 5th overall in age group.


7. Mark Irving                90.50% - 3rd appearance for our Cross-Country team this season, and best result by far. 2nd ARR man to finish.


8. Jo Hosker                   91.94% - In great form this season, 18 races in total since 2012, her top 3 results all recorded in this season. Well done Jo.


9. Mick Toman               100.49% - Another consistent result, all 3 x races this season within 1% of each other, only 30 seconds off a top half finish, Best result at Leigh


10.Chris Walton             100.67% - Not his favourite surface, really struggled in the mud, but helped the team to a good result


11. Fred Green            101.01% - Our most improved cross-country runner this season, “knocking on the door” of a top half finish, best result in 9 races.


12. Joe Curran            102.29% - Slightly down on last race, but 7th in age group.


13. Katharine Gregson 107.33% - 12th XC race in total for Katharine, finished the season 11th                                   overall in her age group. Best result this season at Leigh.


14. Pam McCullagh      109.13% - 11th Cross Country race in a row for Pam, Making good improvement every season. Best result this season by far was Bolton, only second off a top half finish.


15. Liam Moden           109.37% - Never missed a XC race since joining the club in 2016. This was a PB on this course. Best result this season at Leigh.


16. Louise Stevenson   115.28% - Did enough in the race to secure 1st in her age group overall.                                    Second trophy of the season having won the Handicap Race in August.


17. Jim Donohoe         115.85% - Very consistent almost identical result to his first race in Leigh. Impressive 6th in age group on the day.



Submitted by: Graham Morris - 848 - created on Wed 08/Jan/2020, last modified Wed 08/Jan/2020.