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Accrington 10K - Sun 27/Oct/19
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*** ARR 10K Results ***
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1. Message posted by Liam Moden on Sat 09/Nov/2019.

Great stuff at todmorden mud running today . Our ladies were 2nd in both the overall standings and the vets . Our men were 5 th in the main standings and 3 rd in the vets . We had 4 individual category winners Debbie , Julia , glen and for the second time this season Louise. Well done all(message will expire on Sat 16/Nov/2019).

2. Message posted by David Mallaby on Fri 08/Nov/2019.

Christmas Do - By popular demand the Christmas do is at Great Harwood Golf Club again on FRIDAY 6th December. There will be a live band, a disco and the ever popular raffle. There is no need to make menu choices in advance as you will be able to choose on the night. The will be a wide variety of menu options including the traditional Christmas fare and of course vegitatrian options. The cost is £20 per head, which we think you will agree is very reasonable indeed - the event is subsidised from the Club. 

Please can we have numbers attending as soon as possible. Please make your payment in advance to either Michele Baker or myself. Here's looking forward to a great evening. Please inform of any food intolerances when booking.



(message will expire on Sat 07/Dec/2019).

3. Message posted by Fred Green on Fri 08/Nov/2019.


Hi all - the link for the new kit is above.


Well done to Liam for all the hard work! 

(message will expire on Tue 31/Dec/2019).

4. Message posted by Michael Leeming on Thu 07/Nov/2019.

  Congratulations to          Glen Goodwin               ARR Award             Runner of the Season    for Summer 2019

(message will expire on Wed 20/Nov/2019).

5. Message posted by Liam Moden on Fri 25/Oct/2019.

Kit is now available online at . Search my clubs and press the Accrington road runners icon . I have some lady's fit samples on request. RACE VESTS ARE STILL FROM LIAM ON CLUBNIGHTS AND RACES.(message will expire on Sun 01/Nov/2020).

6. Message posted by David Sagar on Wed 25/Sep/2019.

Our first road points race will be the Ribble Valley 10k. Others will follow shortly(message will expire on Mon 02/Dec/2019).

7. Message posted by Fred Green on Thu 19/Sep/2019.



Xmas Do - Friday 5th December, Great Harwood Golf Club

More info to follow! 

(message will expire on Thu 05/Dec/2019).

8. Message posted by Liam Moden on Mon 26/Aug/2019.

Next years Manchester marathon takes place on Sunday 5 April . The route is a new city centre route which is expected to be a great experience . I will be leading a full training programme from January onwards for all speeds of runners . First time marathon runners will be fully catered for . Speak to Liam on club nights for more info(message will expire on Thu 02/Jan/2020).

9. Message posted by David Sagar on Mon 06/Aug/2018.

After listening to feedback from various members, can we recommend that anybody with any special diet requirements or allergies that are attending future club events wether Summer Runs or other social events, please contact the venue directly and in advance to arrange their meals please. This will help the venue to cater for your needs.(message will expire on Thu 13/Aug/2020).

10. Message posted by Liam Moden on Thu 05/Jul/2018.

If anyone wants to buy a running vest ( new style ) I will have one size of each in my car at races and club nights . . The sizes are extra small ladies , small, medium , large ladies and small , medium and large men's . Thanks liam £15 each . Buy two get a free bonus item(message will expire on Thu 12/Dec/2019).

11. Message posted by Graham Morris on Thu 27/Sep/2012.

Just a reminder – Wilsons Athletics Track is available to us every Thursday, 5:30pm to 6:30pm. We have a number of runners of all abilities currently using this facility for Track Sessions. Everyone is welcome! Speedwork doesn’t just make you run faster, it makes you more comfortable at all speeds and increases your fitness. Remember to ‘sign in’ & pay £2.50 to Hyndburn Athletics in the office next to the changing rooms.


(message will expire on Tue 31/Dec/2019).

12. Message posted by Graham Morris on Wed 02/Mar/2011.

Just a reminder to all our runners regarding the rule on club vests.
When competing as a member of Accrington Road Runners in a race or event; it is expected you wear (and display) a club vest.
This is particularly important when representing the club in team events and in our club races.
The club vest helps advertise and promote the club gives us a presence in races. 
Club Vests are available from Colette or Liam

(message will expire on Tue 31/Dec/2019).
ARR members - Athletics night 2016

Club events

Blackburn 10K. On Sun 17/Nov/2019, which is only 4 days away.
Lee mills fell relays. On Sun 24/Nov/2019, which is only 11 days away.
Red rose x country. On Sat 30/Nov/2019, which is only 17 days away.
Turkey trot. On Sat 14/Dec/2019, which is only 31 days away.

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October 2019
Title: Red Rose Cross Country League Race 2 Location: Bolton Date of event:Thu 31/Oct/2019

Red Rose Cross Country League– Race 2 Leverhulme Park, Bolton.


The 2nd event of the Cross-Country season was last Saturday at Leverhulme Park, Bolton.

We had an impressive 22 runners brave the wet & muddy conditions to compete on a very challenging course. Due to bad conditions underfoot all finishing times were much slower than last year.

Although our club name includes the words “road runners” there was a distinct lack of road on this course……. plenty of woodland tracks, fields, steep muddy slopes and a stream crossing which was actually waist height. All good fun and with no injuries, everyone had a good afternoon.

The ladies particularly enjoyed the afternoon, easily winning the Vets race and finishing 2nd overall in the main event. The men had their best ever result finishing 6th overall.


Although the ladies and men’s races are separate, we can determine the order of merit by calculating finishing times and positions when running against their own gender.

All those with a percent under 100% finished in the top half of their race.

6 ladies in the top 10………..



ARR Runners

  1. Debbie Gowans - 77.78% - Best ever finish in all her XC races, 1st in her age group and the age group below. Fantastic run.
  2. Sarah Ridehalgh        79.52% - First time since 2012 under 80%, big improvement (+5%) on Leigh result and 4th in age group. Good afternoons work…….
  3. Cath Derbyshire      79.84% - Also best ever XC result, first time under 80% and 5th in age group.
  4. Glen Goodwin           86.04% - Easily 1st in age group, from our fell & trail champ. Only 1% off his best ever XC result.
  5. Jo Hosker                  87.81% - Another fantastic run and best ever result in XC, 10th in age group.
  6. Nancy Bailey            89.60% PB on this course and first time under 90%, 4th in age group.
  7. Graham Morris         90.09% - Steady run, gone faster on previous visits to Bolton but 7th in age group.
  8. Susan Rodwell          91.97% - On great form, 6% improvement on Leigh result, 4th in age group.
  9. Mark Irving               92.52% - Making his debut in our XC team, great first lap, finished 3rd ARR man.
  10. Pam McCullagh         100.84% - Less than 20 seconds from a top half finish, also best ever XC finish.
  11. Fred Green                101.09% - Getting better every race, surely a top half finish very close. Well done.
  12. Dave Hartley            101.71% - Improved run from Leigh result, capable of much more once fully fit.
  13. Katharine Gregson  102.58% - Slightly down on last year but still a steady run.
  14. Graham Hargreaves102.84% - Very consistent, last 3 races all at 102%
  15. Dave Allison              104.18% - Also consistent, identical finish to last race at Leigh. Race number 1…
  16. Darrin Robinson       107.26% - Also making his debut for the club, ran well be capable of more.
  17. Louise Stevenson    110.50% - Improvement (+4%) on Leigh result and 3rd in age group.
  18. Liam Moden              111.27% - Great effort only a week after completing marathon.
  19. Heath Barnes           114.26% - Massive 14% improvement on result at Leigh. Well done,
  20. Andrew Figiel           115.15% - Identical finish to last year, 13th in age group.
  21. Karen Figiel               119.42% - 8% improvement on XC ranking and 15th in age group.
  22. Tom Battrick            120.29% - Slightly down on Leigh, but finished injury free ready for half marathon.



Next race - 9th November - Todmorden

Submitted by: Graham Morris - 843 - created on Tue 05/Nov/2019, last modified Fri 08/Nov/2019.

October 2019
Title: Red Rose League - Race 1 Leigh Location: Leigh Sports Village Date of event:Fri 25/Oct/2019

Red Rose Cross Country League– Race 1 Leigh Sports Village.


Great start to the Cross-Country season with 21 of our runners competing in the Red Rose League at Leigh Sports City last Saturday. Our ladies team continued their good form from last year by finishing a fantastic 2nd in Veterans Race. Our men also performed well improving on their 10th place last year to finish 8th.


Although the ladies and men’s races are separate, we can determine the order of merit by calculating finishing times and positions when running against their own gender.

All those with a percent under 100% finished in the top half of their race.

Notice we have 7 ladies in the top ten…….


ARR Runners

  1. Sarah Ridehalgh           84.08% - Our highest placed runner on the day in 18th overall & 4th in age group.
  2. Catherine Derbyshire    84.27% - Best finish ever & PB on this course 19th overall and 5th in age group.
  3. Glen Goodwin               86.32% - Best performance of the day in his 21st XC event. PB on this course and                                                                            1st in age group. Currently our most “in form” runner.
  4. Debbie Gowans            86.33% - Another great run in her 28th XC event, and 1st in age group.
  5. Julia Hartley                 87.39% - Close race with Debbie, impressive 3rd in age group.
  6. Graham Morris              89.06% - Identical finish to 2017 and 4th in age group. 33 XC races under his belt..
  7. Sue Baron                    91.32% - Good run despite not being her favourite, but still 4th in her age group,
  8. James McLeod              93.08% - Solid run in his finish cross country since school.
  9. Jo Hosker                     93.63% - Best ever XC finish in 16 races in total. 5% better than her 2017 finish.
  10. Sue Rodwell                 97.75% - Great run in her debut for ARR, top ten finish in her age group.
  11. Mick Toman                  99.69% - Also making his debut for the club, just made it into the top half.
  12. Fred Green                   101.08% - Our most improved performance from last year, (+7%) only 22                                                                                           seconds from his 1st top half finish.
  13. Graham Hargreaves     102.12% - Very consistent, almost identical to Todmorden finish.
  14. Dave Hartley                104.40% - Strong run in his 1st cross country, capable of a top half finish
  15. Dave Allison                 106.06% - Good battle with Dave H, also capable of a top half finish
  16. Liam Moden                 106.95% - Not missed a XC race since he joined the club in 2016, this was his best                                                     ever performance, 8% improvement on ranking.
  17. Pam McCullagh             110.42% - 8th XC race in a row, although not as fast as last year, sensible race to

     save herself for marathon

  1. Louise Stevenson         114.35% - WOW 1st in age group, what more can we say.
  2. Jim Donohoe                115.22% - First XC since 2014 and a top ten finish in age group. Well done Jim
  3. Tom Battrick                 118.47% - Great improvement on 2017, +8% and 12th in age group.
  4. Heath Barnes               128.55% - First XC event, and first ever race. Well done for finishing.




Next race – 26th October

Leverhulme Park, Bolton, - slightly muddier than Leigh, more of a true cross country route………..

Submitted by: Graham Morris - 842 - created on Fri 25/Oct/2019, last modified Fri 25/Oct/2019.

September 2019
Title: Josh Woodstock : Ribble Way Report Location: Ribble Way Date of event:Mon 09/Sep/2019

Great report from Josh for our final trail race : 


The club trail race series came to a climax this weekend in a tiny little hamlet in Longton near Preston. As is common for this type of venue, parking was in a designated field due to lack of alternative within the village. Race HQ was in the Dolphin pub which was well manned meaning minimal waiting time to collect our numbers. The event was also host to a 2km fun run and a half marathon on top of the 10km race which was our club points race.


A small turn out of 10 Accrington road runners made their way to the race and were in high spirits, exchanging laughs and encouragement before the serious business. Going into the race, the trail title was still up for grabs for both Glen and I in a similar scenario to last year, all coming down to one race, winner takes all.


The half marathon was set off at 10am with David Allison, Stuart Tattersall, Liam Moden and John Macholc opting for this bigger challenge. Then, 15 minutes later the 167 strong 10k field were ushered to the start line and we were off. Glen and I led the field together through the first mile before Glen pulled away and I was gradually reeled in from behind. The course was nice and flat with only a couple of barely noticeable climbs of a few metres. We ran from the village through several grassy fields before joining the south bank of the River Ribble for a mile. We then rounded a parked vehicle before returning back along the same route. I am a particular fan of this out-and-back type of course as it presents a great opportunity to encourage your team mates coming the opposite direction and sometimes even exchange high-fives. Towards the finish there was a constant sound of gun shots from a nearby clay pigeon club which provided a unique feature to this race.


Glen led the race from gun to tape breaking the course record to claim his very first race win since joining Accrington Road Runners and with it became our trail champion for 2019. I managed to hold on to 3rd position after a very enjoyable tussle with the eventual 4th placed finisher. Next home was Nancy who was 4th Female finisher and took a win for her age category. Nancy however almost missed out on a prize as her name was mistakenly crossed off the results sheet prior to the presentation. A quick word with the presenter though soon rectified the situation and Nancy was able to take home a prize too. The remaining 3 all had a solid race with Tom opting for a more casual approach, Katharine performing well as usual and Adrian once again proving that age is just a number with yet another inspiring run. Great to see Pam and her trusty hounds cheering us all home after making the trip out especially.


To finish, it gives me great pleasure in congratulating Glen on winning the trial series this season. I’ve very much enjoyed our battles as part of what has been a very strong ARR team. Glen has thoroughly deserved to finish on top after producing outstanding performances for most of the series. If anyone is still on the fence about trail running I would recommend you give it a try. We’ve been treated to some beautiful courses in remote locations which road running simply does not provide. I was very wary at first too and am now a convert.


Next up is the final fell points race at Theiveley Pike on Saturday 25th September where Glen will be attempting to secure a double title win. Hopefully we can have a decent turn-out to have another great day out with fantastic people.









Submitted by: Fred Green - 841 - created on Sat 14/Sep/2019, last modified Sat 14/Sep/2019.

July 2019
Title: Greenway 5k Location: Padiham Date of event:Wed 24/Jul/2019

Padiham Greenway 5k – Road Race (4/7)


Following on from Hendon Brook the latest club road race was the polar opposite. A more or less flat 5k on a there and back route along the old railway line that is now the Padiham Greenway. The only thing in common was the very hot weather. As well as being one of our club races this was also a Pendle & Burnley GP race which ensured a large field of 222 runners. The start of the race had been moved back 60m to try and avoid the crush in previous years at the first gate, but with so many runners it still seemed a bit chaotic at the start as people were pushing and shoving to try and stay on the tarmac. Once past the first few hundred metres it widens out and the race settled down. Even though it is advertised as being flat there are a few ups and down and it did seem to be mainly up hill to the turning point at halfway. Strangely the return leg seemed just as hard.


Ben Fish from Blackburn Harriers won the race by almost a minute and now looks odds on to take the P&B GP title this year. We had 16 runners for this mid-week race with a few away on holiday and some probably deciding it was madness to race on such a hot evening.


The ARR road race titles were both decided with Catherine Derbyshire and Chris Walton both securing the titles with perfect 4 wins from 4 races, congratulations to them both. Chris has now won the road race title for the last 6 years, will he ever be beaten? Catherine adds the road title to the ARR trail race title she won on Sunday, she’s going to need a large bag at the Christmas awards dinner! She is also well placed in this years P&B GP and battling with Sarah for a top 3 finish and 1st V40 placing with only 2 races left to go in that series.


Following Chris home was Glen, never close enough to threaten him. James came in 3rd, he is looking to get back to the form he showed earlier in the year. Josh picked up the points for 4th place, a couple of seconds slower than last year which was a good performance considering the conditions. Gally was next up, he is moving up the field as he gets fitter following a long struggle with injury. Closely following was Joe just over the 20 minute mark. Paul and Joe are battling for 2nd place in the V55 category in the P&B GP series with Paul completing all 12 races to date. Catherine was next finisher, coming 4th lady and picked up a prize for first vet 40. Sarah was 5th lady, but was clearly struggling with her ongong injury problems. Liam was next finisher in a decent time as his fitness returns, he also won the sweatiest finisher. Andrew came next, a regular race participant and rarely misses a P&B GP race. Good to see Stephen Shackleton back racing again after a long lay off last year and with a very creditable time too, he was closely followed by Katherine who came 5th in the V40 race. Ricky managed a sub 25 minutes, he was trying a new strategy of drinking 16 bottles of beer the day before the race and surprisingly it did not produce one of his best performances, back to the drawing board! Louise was next finisher coming 40th in the ladies race, with Pam only seconds behind, both finding the heat difficult. Adrian was 1st V75 in a great time of 28:02, he continues to be an example to all in the club.


Thanks also to support from Peter Blackledge and Helen Dickson.






Pace Km/Mile



Chris Walton






Glen Goodwin






James McLeod






Josh Woodstock






Paul Gallagher






Joe Curran






Catherine Derbyshire






Sarah Ridehalgh






Liam Moden






Andrew Hollas






Stephen Shackleton






Katherine Gregson






Ricky Billington






Louise Robinson






Pamela McCullagh






Adrian Melton







Submitted by: Glen Goodwin - 836 - created on Tue 30/Jul/2019, last modified Tue 30/Jul/2019.

July 2019
Title: Pendle Trail Race - An Interview Location: Barley Date of event:Sun 21/Jul/2019

For this race report - Liam has done something different, an interview with the Inaugural Trail Champion 2018 Josh Woodstock. 


As an alternative to the usual race report we have commissioned a post race questionnaire for the inaugural trail champion ( I T C ) josh Woodstock ( j w ) 


1/ how was the race? 


Any race where I take home a prize is a good race in my opinion.


2/ was it a good route? 


Yes, it had a bit of everything. 


3/ apart from your fellow Accrington runners , how was the general standard of the competition in the race? 


There was a decent turnout from some other clubs who also had some good runners out racing. 


4 / how did your teammates perform?


Glen is pretty much unstoppable at the moment and left me trailing. Steven ran very well considering he "wasn't feeling it" to claim his first ever category win. James struggled on the varied terrain but still finished 7th. Gally is looking like he's almost back to his best and Joe, consistent as ever. Nancy, the little pocket rocket, was awesome as usual claiming her category win, despite misjudging her finishing burst. Good runs from Damo, Kaye and Michael who haven't raced much this season. Liam seemed disappointed at his time. Katharine ran well and Adrian is just a machine.


5/ was the race similar to any other race you have completed?


I thought it had a lot of similarities with the Sabden Trail race; cattle grids, stiles yomping through grassy fields.


6 / in your opinion, was the route well marked? Race marshalling up to standard? 


Very much so, there was one point where the arrow wasn't 100% obvious which path it was directing us down and I thought the leading 2 may have gone the wrong way because I could no longer see them. Turns out they were just further ahead than I'd thought.


7/ did you have any strong likes / dislikes regarding the race?


I don't have a huge amount of confidence with cattle grids so that slowed me down. Other than that, the course played to my strengths.


8 / was the race value for money?


Yes, for 10 pounds (pre-entry) we got a unique witch shaped medal, water bottle and a choice of gift at the end.


9/ how difficult have you found it to cope with the fame of being " The inaugural trail champion"?


Well, as you well know I'm trying to be modest about that. If it happens to be mentioned though I'm happy to share my success story.



10/ how have you found this years trail points races so far? 


Very good choices from Mr Sagar. A lot of different races to try that we otherwise might not have bothered with. 



11/ how do you predict the outcome of this years trail race competition? 


Like I mentioned earlier, Glen is on another level at the moment and I can't get near him. James, has the edge though with his 2 wins so far and is the only one who can still amass maximum points. Chris Halstead isn't out of it either if he can make it to the last 2 races. It's going to be decided at the last race again and whatever happens I won't be giving up until I cross the line at the final race.


I predict that Glen will deservedly take my trophy unless I can figure out a way to beat him all over again. I did it last year so watch this space.




Good luck to all competitors in the exciting climax  to this years trail event . 


Pendle trail race times 

Glen Goodwin. 2nd in race 35.25

Josh Woodstock. 3 rd in race.  36.33 

Steve burton    Vet cat winner  36.46

James McLeod 37.19

Paul Gallagher 38.28

Joe curran 40.02

Damien fletcher 43.11 

Nancy bailey   Vet cat winner. 45.57

Liam moden. 46.38

Kaye Callaghan 48.23

Katharine Gregson 49.13 

Michael Hartley 51.29 




Couldn't of put it better myself!!!

Submitted by: Fred Green - 835 - created on Tue 23/Jul/2019, last modified Tue 23/Jul/2019.

July 2019
Title: Hendon Brook - Points Race Road 3/7 Location: Nelson Date of event:Sun 07/Jul/2019

Hendon Brook Half Marathon – Road Race (3/7)


Possibly the most eye catching of the races selected for the 2019 season was finally upon us – when the points races arrived in January, the day seemed miles in the distance, but on Sunday 7th July a nightmare became reality – when the Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix rolled into Nelson for Gerry McCabe’s legendary Hendon Brook Race. The race was originally devised by Gerry who ran for Trawden, to raise funds for Hendon Brook School where he was head teacher at the time. Apparently, he was fond of fiendishly tricky running routes.


Potentially the 14-race series’ crowning jewel, Hendon Brook is a 13.5mile all road course, with over 1,700 feet of elevation gain. The race is held in Mid-July, and at a slightly later start time of 11am, with the hope that runners will face the harshest course, in the harshest temperatures the UK summer has to offer…


Though some of our members were away nursing gin-based hangovers, there was still an excellent turnout at the race – some runners had even reccied the course earlier in the summer! 18 club runners towed the start line.


The weather initially seemed quite kind when we arrived, John Roche was pacing around registration suggesting the race needed to be cancelled as the weather wasn’t up to scratch… however the inevitable happened, and as soon as we lined up in front of the school to start, the clouds parted almost biblically, and the sun was ready to beat down on us for the next few hours.


Having crashed and burned in last year’s race – my only advice to debutants this year was not to get lured in to the first downhill mile… and to take things steady.
Glen however did not go for this tactic, he opted for sprint off the start line and clock a five something mile to open the race then hang on! Think him and Josh have been comparing notes…


After the bliss of mile 1 is over, the climbing begins, and never really lets up… the worst part about this race is the irregularity of the course, whilst it has a reputation of being very hilly, the real punishment can be the downhills. Every steep ascent seems to be followed by an almost immediate fast downhill section, which really gives the legs no chance to recover, I think mine had forgotten what running is even about by the end.


I personally took a more controlled approach and ran in an ARR peloton with Liam and Katharine for several miles at a sensible and steady pace – at Thursden Valley around 6/7 miles Ricky B caught up with the Peloton but sadly his eyes lit up after a downhill section, and the seemingly vertical hill at the Valley saw him drop back off the back of us. Luckily Lisa Parker was at the top of said hill to offer us some support, and much needed sugar!

The route was very well supported throughout the race, with individuals seemingly helping out of pure kindness bringing water and sweets out of their cars – and also more formal supporters, like the large orange Clayton tent, a welcome pit stop before a grim climb after 8/9 miles.


I managed to stay with Liam through 11 miles, we tackled the entry to Trawden together, Liam pacing out the flats and descents and me the hills, before the peloton reeled in Andy Hollas, having a  great run in what I’m told was his 15th Hendon Brook race – his only words for us “what took you so long?”.
Peter Blackledge was on hand for some support in Colne after 10 miles or so, again sweeties and liquid refreshments on offer – I was in my element.


After 11 miles comes the largest of the ascents in the race, Lenches hill, a long straight uphill road section (around 400ft of ascent) which is everything you don’t need and more after 11 miles of up and down hill punishment.
Sadly, me and Liam parted ways on the hill – but the familiar faces of Julia Hartley and Vicky Heys were on hand close to the top to drag the runners through the final portion of the climb.
The support makes every difference on a race such as this, but to be fair support on any race can have a positive influence on your pace, or just your ability to keep running! Would recommend anyone go to support races if you ever feel like not running or get injured, it’s still a good way to enjoy the buzz of a race day and give back to the community. Thanks to all that turned out to support us!


The results seem to have gone a little haywire, with Chris Walker (?) winning our points race… and Gally and Ricky B apparently transferred to Clayton (they wish!).
Chris WALTON did win the club race in a time of 1.34.51 coming in 13th overall, and I believe at some point edging out Glen after his speedy start. Chris Halstead was second in 1.36.31 continuing very strong form in 2019, and Glen in 3rd in 1.37.39.
Steve Burton and James McLeod also had strong races, James battling with the hills but still coming in under 1.50, top effort on a brutal course.
Dave Savage also had a storming showing, continuing his 2019 battles with Catherine!


Catherine won the ladies race in a time of 1.52.45 , 7th lady and winning her age category. In classic harsh HB style, no awards were dished out unless you were there to collect them – Catherine had actually worked her holiday out around GP/club races and had to jet off after the race to go away, very harsh!
Nancy Bailey came and took a course PB in 2.03.10 , 14th lady and 2nd in her age category, a very strong run after some sensible training!  Katharine Gregson put in a great performance, continuing a strong 2019 – Sue Rodwell also a good showing on a tough day, in disguise though, we need to get you kitted out…
Finally super Pammy, knocking over 3 minutes from her 2018 time, progress!!


An honourable mention is also definitely needed for Adrian Melton, coming 2nd in his vet 70 category in a time of 2.29.48 and still smiling as he came down the final straight, fantastic achievement Adrian, we’re all very proud of you!!


Finally, massive well done to those still in the PBGP grand slam hunt – now Hendon is done, you’re on the home straight!


13 Chris Walton MS (010/041) Accrington Road Runners 01:34:51
19 Chris Halstead M40 (004/030) Accrington Road Runners 01:36:31
24 Glen Goodwin M50 (002/025) Accrington Road Runners 01:37:39
26 Josh Woodstock M40 (006/030) Accrington Road Runners 01:38:41
31 Stephen Burton M40 (008/030) Accrington Road Runners 01:40:20
56 James Mcleod MS (023/041) Accrington Road Runners 01:48:02
62 Paul Gallagher M55 (007/016) Accrington Road Runners 01:50:50
64 David Savage MS (024/041) Accrington Road Runners 01:51:32
72 Catherine Derbyshire F40 (001/017) Accrington Road Runners 01:52:45
107 Nancy L. Bailey F55 (002/008) Accrington Road Runners 02:03:10
114 Fred Green MS (034/041) Accrington Road Runners 02:06:42
127 Liam Moden M50 (015/025) Accrington Road Runners 02:09:57
130 Andrew Hollas M50 (016/025) Accrington Road Runners 02:11:03
146 Katharine Gregson F40 (004/017) Accrington Road Runners 02:14:30
152 Ricky Billington M45 (019/028) Accrington Road Runners 02:16:52
187 Susan Rodwell F45 (010/017) Accrington Road Runners 02:25:28
189 Pamela McCullagh F40 (011/017) Accrington Road Runners 02:26:09
198 Adrian Melton M70 (002/003) Accrington Road Runners 02:29:48


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July 2019
Title: Stoodley Pike Fell Race - Fell (4/7) Location: Todmorden Date of event:Tue 02/Jul/2019

Stoodley Pike Fell Race – Fell Race (4/7)


A midweek fell race took place this week, on Tuesday 2nd July from the Top Brink Pub in Todmorden.


Building on our excellent attendance at the PBGP and other points races this year, the race was our best attended fell race of the season with 19 from Accrington.


The race was a short and speedy affair, with only 2.9 miles of distance, but packing in 654 feet of elevation gain, pretty much in the first mile and a half!


In classic fell racing style, the race start line was actually on an incline itself, as runners lined up on the main road in front of the pub. From here the race went 100m up the main road into a thin one or two person track lane going up the fell – this meant a speedy start was necessary to avoid a pretty significant bottle neck, as there was very little overtaking available once runners were on the track.


After a ramble through the aforementioned thin passage, the true climb began, as the path widened out and the real ascent up Stoodley Pike was apparent. The sun was beating down on runners at that point, but given the reduced length of the race, there was nothing to do but bite down hard and give it everything to run up the hill!


Once runners had reached the top of the climb, there was a technical section of almost trail type running, along an area of quite jagged rocks that runners had to carefully navigate whilst still keeping up a good pace. I know for a fact these rocks made Paul Gallagher’s post-race pint taste a little less sweet.


At the end of this section, runners got a close look at the rather grand Stoodley Pike Monument. But don’t stop to enjoy it too long, as this view was soon ended up a sharp descent off the side of the hill! Again there was nothing for it but to let go and give it everything on the descent, and as soon as we’d got up the hill, we were back down.
Once off the side of the hill, runners had a fast trail section of less than a mile, to sprint to the finish. Ultimately the end of the race was a grandstand finish, being a 100m dash to the finish line down the main field.


This race would be a superb intro to fell running, with a challenging yet not offensive climb up the fell, and some legitimate technical descending, anyone who is finding their descending work difficult, see Graham Morris for additional lessons!


Graham Morris took the mens race, and with it his category win in a time of 22.34. Though our only official category winner, I did see that other runners came away with prizes, big congratulations to these people. Unfortunately in the pub after the event, the microphone had broken and it was very difficult to hear the presentation – however, some very nice chip butties and liquid refreshments were available to keep us rabble entertained in the meantime.
The race at the front was well contested, with Glen coming second in 22.39 and Chris Halstead third in 22.56, Mr Morris proving too much on the descents and managing to hold on for the win.
This result means that Chris & Graham both have two wins after four races, with three to go… all to play for!


In the ladies race Lisa Parker took the win in 27.06 – and with it her second win of the season. Lisa looking good with three races to go!

It was great to see plenty of Group 3 runners turning out for the event, and also some old faces making a return to points races!

Again the majority of club members stayed around for a drink in the pub afterwards which always leads to a great atmosphere!
Well done all!

LISA PARKER 00:27:06
FRED GREEN 00:28:06
LIAM MODEN 00:31:28
KAREN OKANE 00:40:09


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June 2019
Title: Weets Fell Race - Fell Race (3/7) Location: Weets Hill, Barnoldswick Date of event:Sat 08/Jun/2019

Weets Fell Race , Fell (3/7)


Clearly a combination of people’s hard work putting word round, and of course everyone hearing my pleas in the reports – put together an excellent turn out at Weets of 18 ARR runners (206 total), one of our most well attended fell races for a while.


The race took place in Barnoldswick on Saturday 8th June, at a leisurely start time of 11am, a nice lie in for the fell runners.


A very bad morning of weather led to delays at the start line, first a 15 minute delay was announced, and eventually the race got under way at 11.25. This sadly resulted in a large number of shivering runners huddled around the start line getting pelted with water from the sky – although come on, no-one said running on the fells was easy.
Not to be too negative to the organisers, once the race did get underway, the marshals out on the course were fantastic, and it not only rained on us for the whole race, but for them as well!


The course was a 5.3m out and back with a little loop around the summit of weets hill to split the field – 1,320ft of elevation gain was conquered, split over four climbs. Some technical trail action, some nice track descent, some borderline scrambles and a bit of walking, some races just have it all!
The race is split roughly into four climbs and four descents, ending with a fast finish back down the track that the race started on. Having knowledge of the course in a race like this makes a massive difference, in being able to pace the route a bit better there is much more chance of a faster time!

In the women’s race Lisa Parker took first place (6th lady overall), with it a category win in a time of 52:50 – Julia Hartley in her points race debut for 2019 also won her category in 57:01, well done ladies.
Our consistent ladies Catherine Derbyshire, Katharine Gregson and Pamela McCullagh all also had good runs.


The men’s race was taken by a quality performance from Chris Halstead in 46:19, finishing 25th overall in a stacked front of the field.
James McLeod had a morning off dominating parkrun to dominate trail king Josh Woodstock by one second, finishing in 48:21 and 48:22, some fantastic close racing between the pair carrying on from Wholan Nook. James ultimately catching Josh in a sprint finish!
Paul Gallagher and Joe Curran put in strong performances in 49:58 and 50:46, with Paul regaining fitness every race and Joe continuing to improve.


Ricky Billington continued his strong showing in the grand prix, narrowly missing out on a sub hour time at 1:00:05, still very respectable in hideous conditions.


Mark Hammond & our chairman Neil Thompson decided a rainy Saturday morning in Barlick was the perfect time to make their season debut, good to see them both, and poor old Neil took some nasty twinging of the back for his troubles!


The fells can be as unforgiving as they can joyous....


JOE CURRAN 00:50:46
LISA PARKER 00:52:50
FRED GREEN 00:54:50
LIAM MODEN 01:07:46


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May 2019
Title: Pam McCullagh : Blackpool Beack 10k - Trail Race (4/7) Location: Blackpool Date of event:Sun 26/May/2019

Blackpool Beach 10k-Trail Race (4/7)


Oh we do like to be beside the seaside....but not on Sunday morning when I woke up to torrential rain and gale force winds!! Oh well the weather gods were being brutal today! Arrived in Vegas Of The North to find at least the rain had abaited, but the winds were even stronger, ( the event organisers were desperately trying to anchor down the registration tent) and the sea thrashing over the very walkway we were supossed to run down in an hour, didnt fill me with confidence.


It is race season and a few of us ran the Burnley Lions 10K on Friday night (Glen and Catherine won the Vet catagories there too) so there were some slightly sore legs among the hardy 14 Team ARR members to brave the elements, in a field of only 80 runners it was quite a yellow and blue takeover. This is a new surface to try out and a good addition to the very popular trail race series. So onto the race, it starts at the giant mirrorball on the South Shore promenade, You basically run on the beach to St.Annes Pier and turnaround and run back.


The start line was awash with Accy tops and at 1pm we were off. Thankfully the tide had receded to clear the walkway and we were straight onto the sand, what followed was a hellish 6.2 miles on every different kind of sand you could ask for with streams of sea water to cross too, have I mentioned the wind? With added seaspray? It was very difficult to find a set pace and the sand was constantly changing and hitting dry, soft sand is like hitting a wall! On the turn around point the wind then decided to hit you right in the face, it was like we were doing the ‘running man’ dance, making all the movements of running but not actually moving anywhere quickly. This made the return 3 miles a very challenging run indeed. The weather was being freakish too, the sun came out for the return leg, so added to the Running Man was heat, we all ended the race with sun/windburn! You can see the finish from miles away, I honestly thought I was were never going to get there. As the last ARR to cross the line, with all the team there cheering me on I even managed a sprint finish ha ha miracles have occured!!


I must say that Accrington Road Runners did the team very proud on Sunday. James won the race, with Glen 2nd, Josh 4th and Joe 8th, we had 4 men in the top ten and 8 in the top 20! The ladies didnt disappoint. Catherine winning the ladies race, Michele in 3rd, Nancy 4th all of us finished in the top 10, and all the team finished under an hour. Josh, Joe, Michele, Nancy and Louise all won their age catagories! A fantastic show from our small club, we looked like we were off to a party after the prize giving!! Catherine bagged the 100 points and in doing so has been crowned Accrington Road Runners Trail Champion 2019, very well done Catherine brilliant, consistant racing.


James McLeod 40:40 Won the race, very strong run, great addition to the mens team.

Glen Goodwin 41:26 Great run from Glen, seems retirement is making him faster!

Josh Woodstock42:58 Vet win for Josh, found it tough with his svelte frame against the headwind.

Joe Curran 44:34 Strong run from Joe, great team member, very enthusiastic.

Paul Gallagher 46:31 Best thing about Gallys run was his post race food suggestion! Yummy!

Catherine Derbyshire

46:43 Brilliant race win for the 2019 Trail Champ. A lovely, friendly and worthy winner.

Gary Carswell 48:45 Storming through races since his return, needs a smaller vest these days.

Liam Moden 48:56 Race 2 of his 3 race weekend, gradually getting fitness back, not at last

years height, yet!

Keith Robinson 51:52 Keeping up to his usual high standard.

Michele Baker 53:02 Vet win for Michele, she earned that vino collapso!

Nancy Bailey 53:16 Vet win for Nancy too, amazing for someone who broke her ankle a couple of

months ago.

Thomas Battrick 54:19 Great to see Thomas, always a smiling face and full of encouragement.

Louise Robinson 59:47 Vet win for Lou!! Well done Speedy

Pamela McCullagh 59:53 Pleased to get under the hour, will get fitter.


The next trail race is Pendle Running Festival on Sunday 21st July. The mens Championship is, again, going to be a hard fought one. The mens team are very strong and there are still many candidates for Josh’s crown (though obviously no one will be the Inagural Trail Champ, as we all well know!! )


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May 2019
Title: Wholan Nook Trail Race - Trail (3/7) Location: Rossendale Date of event:Wed 15/May/2019

Wholan Nook Trail Race – Trail Race (3/7)


The third race of the season in the ever increasingly popular trail series saw an impressive 25 ARR runners assemble on a pleasant Wednesday evening in May.


Race registration had moved to outside of the sailing club, and sadly this made for a very un-organised game of find the pen prior to registration, with a large mass of people gathering around the registration desk. Packing a pen with your race bag is certainly something I took away from the evening!


The course started and finished at the Clowbridge reservoir in Rossendale and was a 5-mile trail race consisting of mainly gravel track, with some short off road sections. A technical course showing off the majority of it’s 400 feet of elevation gain in the first 3 miles and offering a speedy two-mile finish with a little climb for a sting in the tail towards the end of the race.


For a small club, we are continuing to represent ourselves fantastically at these local races, not just in the prizes the front runners are winning, but in the volume of runners and supporters at the events! Keep it up guys!


The ladies race was taken by Catherine Derbyshire in 38.04, winning her category prize and coming home as 4th lady overall. Catherine’s third trail win of the series, well done on a great season so far!
Catherine closely edged out Sarah Ridehalgh in 38.45, and Sue Baron in 39.10. Sue coming back after success at both marathon and half marathon distance, showing her muscle on the trail scene and also winning her category prize!

The front of the mens race was a very hotly contested affair, tension was high amongst the “favourites” at the start of the race – with Josh Woodstock seeing his pre race warm up as more important than the team photo! Don’t know what my excuse was for missing it…
This proved worthwhile for Josh though who put in another fantastic performance on the trails, looking to defend his inaugural 2018 trail crown.
Josh & James McLeod had a very close race, overtaking each other multiple times – with James finally edging the race in 32.45, Josh just behind in 32.49, 20th and 21st respectively.
Glen was narrowly behind in 33.01 winning his age category, with Chris H & Graham just behind them enjoying the drama unfold just ahead of them!


It was good to see regular group 2 runner Gary Carswell racing for the club, putting in an impressive 40.07, hope this is the start of a racing dynasty!

Stephen Shackleton also made a return to the club racing fold, having completed the Grand Prix in full in 2017 and then struggling with injuries through 2018, it’s good to see him back racing.
Another GP regular donned his racing trainers in Andy Hollas, also blighted by injury in the 2018 series! A solid run in 43.12.


Full listing of times below – well done to everyone who took part.
A quick return to the trails this Sunday for ARR with the intriguing Blackpool Beach 10k!


JOE CURRAN 00:37:31
SUSAN BARON 00:39:10
FRED GREEN 00:41:36
LIAM MODEN 00:41:39
PETER HOYLE 00:53:54
JANET HOYLE 00:55:10


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May 2019
Title: Great Hameldon Hill - Fell Race (2/7) Location: Accrington Date of event:Sun 05/May/2019


Great Hameldon Hill Fell Race – Fell Race (2/7)


Sunday May 5th, yet another bank holiday on the horizon, sun blazing down (albeit not as crazy as in 2018), and the thrill of fell running in the air – all things experienced outside of the Peel Park Pub awaiting the midday start of the Hameldon Hill fell race, the first of the season in the very well attended Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix.


Another well attended race by ARR, with 17 Accy runners towing the start line, one more than last year. Testament to everyone in the club encouraging other runners to give these races a go, pleas continue to try and make it to the races, it really does lift spirits and inspire better times amongst all the runners!
It was great to see ladies and men taking on their first fell race, an excellent introduction to the fells awaited them, and in pretty perfect conditions.


The race started in the fields next to the Peel Park Pub, and with only time for a typically unique instruction from the race organiser “watch out for the goal posts”, we were off, with a brief lap of the field, before the gruelling opening climb up the coppice began.
A familiar route for off-road ARR training groups and a familiar face half way up the climb, Neil Thompson capturing a video on his phone of the full field. At the front of this field was local running superstar Ben Fish, a race favourite, who would go on to make navigational errors out on the course, and finish in 22nd place. Even the speediest road runners can find themselves lacking on the fells…


The route then offered some fast descending, down the coppice and under a bridge before the chug up to the summit of Hameldon began.
With some runnable sections, some near vertical scrambles, and some pure bog, the route to the summit isn’t an easy one. Once runners finally arrive at the trig point, just under 3 miles into the race, a quick lap of the top opens up into a speedy descent. The route quickly re-joins the initial climb, and runners take on their ascent in the reverse of the way they came. The climbing Is not over however – as a drag through fields back up to the coppice awaits.
Once at the top of the coppice, runners have an incredibly speedy section back down the original track down towards the Peel Park pub. I hadn’t seen Peter Blackledge on the ascent, but knew he would be on the final descent in his usual spot, thanks as ever to Peter, Collette, Neil & everyone else who came out to support!


Once down the track, the race presents a grand stand finish, as spectators gather outside of the pub, to welcome the runners back into the field, for one final lap, before a super speedy 100m dash to the finish line. Good clean fun.



A well contested men’s race was won by the returning Graham Morris in 42:40, a PB, who narrowly edged out Glen Goodwin 42:53 – Glen taking over 90 seconds off his 2018 time. In 15th and 18th places respectively in a very strong field, well done.


Joe Curran , continuing to improve on an incredible start to 2019, came home 3rd in the ARR race in 47:50, knocking nearly 9 minutes off his 2018 time, when he was running with Baxenden Bugs, more proof that the bright yellow vests really do make you run faster. Joe had recently landed back in the UK after a secret warm weather training holiday…


The ladies however were the stars of the show, headed by 2018 champion Debbie Gowans. ARR took home another ladies team prize, with Debbie 48:44, 3rd place in the ladies race, roughly 90 seconds quicker than 2018 and taking her category prize, Sarah Ridehalgh in 50.28, in her first fell race, coming 4th overall, and Lisa Parker, 6th lady overall, a PB on the course just three weeks out from her Yorkshire 3 Peaks race! Very well done ladies.
Also a mention for Catherine Derbyshire, who was only 23 seconds behind Lisa, and over 2 and a half minutes off her 2018 time!


The only sad moment of the day was waiting for Liam to come across the finish line, once 2/3 minutes had gone by after I finished I was starting to believe I’d become an elite runner, but then reality struck and the realisation sunk in that something must have gone wrong for Liam! Sadly a few minutes later a forlorn figure appeared hobbling over the finish line. Well done on finishing Liam and hope the ankle is on the mend!!


GRAHAM MORRIS 00:42:40 Strong performance back on the fells after injury!
GLEN GOODWIN 00:42:53 Over 2 minutes faster than 2018 and a PB!
JOE CURRAN 00:47:50 Strength to strength, massive improvement on 2018.
PAUL GALLAGHER 00:48:18 Great to see Paul coming back after long term injury!
DEBORAH GOWANS 00:48:44 Category winner, faster than 2018, too cold for a cider post race.
SARAH RIDEHALGH 00:50:28 First fell race and desparate for more!
LISA PARKER 00:51:46 Strong improvement on 2018, hard training paying off!
CATHERINE DERBYSHIRE 00:52:09 New ink inspiring faster times than last year!
FRED GREEN 00:53:46 Over 3 minutes improved on 2018, very chuffed.
RICKY BILLINGTON 00:58:52 Great fell debut, fancies the full season, sure he can do it…
PAULA TAYLOR 01:00:16 First club race appearance since July 16' welcome back!
KATHARINE GREGSON 01:00:17 Unlucky not to beat the hour, good race!
STUART RAMSAY 01:03:45 Found it tough going but stuck to the task, another full GP contender?
LIAM MODEN 01:06:44 Ankle injury atop Hameldon, come back strong!
PAMELA MCCULLAGH 01:07:56 Nearly 7 minutes faster than 2018 despite feeling injured!
LOUISE STEVENSON 01:10:59 Loved Liver Hill so much she had to come back for more fells!
ADRIAN MELTON 01:18:33 Well done Adrian, becoming a real race regular! 


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April 2019
Title: Buckden Out Moor - Fell Race 1/7 Location: Buckden - Yorkshire Dales Date of event:Sat 06/Apr/2019

Buckden Out Moor Fell Race – Fell Race (1/7)


With the cold weather of the early part of 2019 seemingly moving behind us, I was very excited to start getting onto the fells!
Following a hugely successful club attendance the Tuesday prior at the Liver Hill Fell Race the ARR racers headed over to the Yorkshire Dales to Buckden.


The travel alone felt different to a standard road race – once we had gotten beyond Skipton we were soon out into the rolling hills of the Dales – and the mood in the car turned to “which of these monsters are we going to have to run up….”.


The race was hosted by the Yorkshire Dales National Trust, and was a very small affair, with only 44 runners towing the start line. We soon established why, as the course looked a real brute.
As advertised on the race website, there was 2.2miles of seemingly un-relenting climb to start the race, roughly 1500 feet of climbing, working our way up a marked track to the trig point of Buckden Pike. From here the race became a 2.8mile technical descent, with varying degrees of steepness and some very mixed terrain, those of us with “chocolate ankles” sadly had to take it quite steady!


Chris Halstead was the first man home for Accrington in a very respectable 8th place; such is his level of dedication Chris had camped over in a field just by the start line with his wife and children, who provided superb company and support!
New winter signing Mick Toman was just behind in 12th, I believe making his points race debut for ARR, I’m sure we will be seeing plenty more of Mick on the fells, and i wouldn’t be surprised if he did a second lap as a warm down after we left!!


Rick Grice was next home in 19th place, (3 ARR in the top 20..) undertaking his first ever fell race, (there are easier ones Rick I promise!!) running a sensible climb and then unleashing hell on the descent, great run Rick!


Myself and Liam were back next in 33rd and 37th respectively, and super Pam McCullagh rounded out the ARR field, taking home 100 big points in the ladies fell championships, and overtaking a couple of runners late on to secure 42nd place, well done Pam and all!


Some excellent post race refreshments in the form of CAKE were provided by the organisers at the finish line, and the ARR team also enjoyed a quick pint (of water obviously, true athletes), in a sun soaked beer garden 60 seconds from the car park after the race. For £6/8 the race had everything you could want for a low key fell race, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


The next stop for ARR is back on the fells again, at the first event of the 2019 Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix ( ) Sunday 5th May 2019 Hameldon Hill, again we can promise sunshine, a great race, and nearby sun soaked beer garden!

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March 2019
Title: Jackals Half Marathon - Trail Race 2/7 Location: Darwen Date of event:Sun 10/Mar/2019

The Jackals Half Marathon –  Trail Race (2/7)


Race two of the trail season raised eyebrows amongst members initially when it was listed as a points race, somewhat of an unknown entity, asking for a fairly hefty price to enter, full kit requirements and a two loop course! I however was thoroughly excited for it, and was not to be disappointed…
The course was a two lapped roughly 6.25m course, for a total of 13.5miles, with each loop taking in sunnyhurst woods, and then the long climb up to Darwen tower, before descending back down to the woods.


As we moved towards the 11th March, the forecasts made it clear that inclement weather was inbound…and thinking this would be a tough race in the best of conditions, this did not inspire confidence for any PB hunting.


Ten hardy souls towed the start line for ARR, and only seven crossed the finish line, a remarkable 3 DNFs!


I thought the best way to report this “race” (loose term) was to report my own experiences…


Pre-Race Briefing
At around 9.45 we were called outside from our warm solitude of the kiosk in Sunnyhurst woods, Darwen, to gather around the start line for a pre-race briefing. I have never wanted to leave a building any less in my life, the rain had started to move sideways, and the wind was howling into the kiosk. The highlight of said briefing was gaining the knowledge that runners could call it a day after loop 1 – all hope is not lost!


Miles 1-3, Needless Suffering
Fifteen minutes later at 10.00am snow was coming down hard, and covering not only the runners but the course itself! Knowing some route finding skills could be required on the second loop, it was very hard to take a note of any landmarks early doors, as visibility was horrendous.
The course started with a 200feet climb out of the woods where some protection from the elements was offered by the trees, however this soon opened out onto more open land for us to take the full force of mother nature.


Miles 4-5, Could be worse, could be Marl Pitts
To make matters worse, my small group of Damian, Catherine D and Dave S followed the wrong runners and took a significant wrong turn in the woods, fortunately re-joining the rest of the field half a mile later, but immediately regretting the needless extra distance we had added on to this horror show!
In my efforts to think of something positive, I came to realise that surely Marl Pitts had been worse than this, and if I’d survived that, this could still be a doddle…


Mile 6, Familiar Faces
As well as the half marathon race, there was also a 10k race, and heading back down to the race start area, the 10k runners bounded past on their final straight, it was very tough to not get carried away and sprint along with them!
After a thousand feet of climb over the first 6.5 miles it was lovely to see Pam McCullagh and her two faithful hounds cheering us on before heading out onto the second loop!
As I began my second loop (I had fallen away from Dave & Catherine), I saw a rather relieved looking Damian with a medal around his neck, with a quick high five of approval, I headed back onto the trail to start loop two. I felt this DNF represented Jackals 1 – ARR 0, and it was now not as much of a race of runner vs runner, but of runners vs the course.


Miles 7-10, is this even the same course?!
As only classic British weather can, the second 6.25m loop of the race proved to be almost entirely different to the first, with the snow gone, the sun decided to grace us with its presence, and the early part of the course looked almost entirely different. Tracks previously disguised by snow and fog now gave way to epic views of Darwen tower and the surrounding moorland!
However these views had not aided navigation, luckily I followed some runners who knew the course, and took the correct route where we had gone wrong in loop 1. The same couldn’t be said for Catherine & Dave, who passed me a few minutes later up the trail, having taken yet more wrong turns! It was good to have a laugh in amongst the suffering.


Miles 11-12 One Last Drag
By this point in the race, the field seemed to be separated by small clusters of runners dragging each other along, very little by way of words were being exchanged. The only noises being made up the final climb to Darwen tower were those of groaning calf muscles and screaming hamstrings!
There really were elements of this race more akin to a fell race. In total we covered over 2000 feet of climb and descent over the 13.5 miles (more than Hendon Brook!), some of it scrambling up off trail sections where surely even the front runners must have had their struggles running!
The final feeling of touching the trig point next to the tower, and knowing a mile of descent followed, was sheet bliss.


Mile 13, Forgiveness & Redemption
After the race I learnt that Neil Williamson, third at the time heading onto loop two, had had to retire injured at around 7 miles, with calf issues, knowing he risked more serious injury if he carried on for a full loop. Being so close to the front of the race on a day like that was a remarkable effort, very well done to Neil who I believe was on club race debut!
I also learnt that with Damian, Adrian Melton had turned in his number after the first 10k loop, a great effort from Adrian who was on his 7th club race in a row in the trail and road categories! Hope he isn’t put off!
That being said, I felt forgiveness for the course in that last mile, it offered a true challenge, which I think is no bad thing. It is easy to get carried away as a runner on a fast 10k time, or setting a new PB, but it’s always worth remembering just getting to the finish line is a great achievement in itself, and though Jackals took three of ARR’s finest, I still think we had its number on the day!


ARR Runners
Josh Woodstock took the men’s points’ race, finishing 6th overall of 71 finishers in 2’04’06, running with a group for the majority of the first loop but spending the second loop almost entirely on his own. Sadly no vet categories were awarded, but we felt Josh had more than earned an honorary V40 prize!
Scott Maden, the only man turning up to Darwen yesterday morning actively seeking to pay for a race number, also put in a strong showing coming 17th overall.
Following Scott the strong duo of Catherine Derbyshire, 2nd lady, and Dave Savage rolled home, followed by myself, Katharine Gregson and Dave Sagar, who did what he does best and called in a refreshing San Miguel soon after finishing!


All in all an interesting race, well done to all ARR involved!
Our next points races are the weekend of 6 and 7 of April, with the first fell race of the year Buckden Out Moor fell race on the Saturday, and a new road race Darwen Tough 10k on the Sunday.

Hope to see you all there!


SCOTT MADEN 02:22:28
FRED GREEN 02:35:40
DAVID SAGAR 02:50:24


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March 2019
Title: Liam Moden : A Tale of Two Races Location: Preston & Accrington Date of event:Sun 03/Mar/2019
The following isn't a race report , as such , but my own personal comments on my weekend racing. 
Saturday 2nd March    Mid lancs x country @ Cuerden Valley Park , Preston 
This cross country season I have tried out some of the other Lancashire league cross country events ( besides the club entered red rose series ones ) this was my third event in the mid lancs x country series following on from hyndburn and towneley park. In my opinion , the mid lancs organisers saved the best until last . This course had everything for cross country enthusiasts. A good selection of hills , both up and down , a couple of deep muddy sections and to top it all 4 river crossings ( 2 ladies race ) with ropes if required!! All in all a difficult and challenging course for a guest entry fee of £5 !
Sunday 3rd March     Ron Hill 10k     Accrington town centre 
I am of the opinion that Cannonball events prices are too steep but after seeing how much they donated to the "Doing it for Laura" appeal I decided that a little bit extra for one of their races is only fair. 
To be honest , cannonball events are a very professional outfit. Loads of marshalls , including our own Chris Walton ( thanks Neil). They provide all the facilities and infrastructure you could wish for in a race. A highlight was a brilliant massive screen giving each runner their time moments after they pass the finish line!
So it all comes down to a matter of personal preference. The entry fee for the Ron Hill race was nearly three times of the Saturday cross country event . I preferred the cross country but , as I say , each to their own.
Accrington road runners chip times 
Dave Savage 43.21
Catherine Derbyshire 44.32
Liam Moden 46.11
Justin Birtwistle 49.14
Stuart Ramsey 49.47
Michelle McDonald 49.45
Louise Robinson 54.05
Pam McCullagh 56.02
Louise Slater 56.31
Helen Dickson 57.09
Janet Hoyle 57.48
Adrian Melton 57.58
Karen Fiegel 61.15 
Congratulations to Catherine and Adrian who were both category winners 
Just as a final footnote. If your reading this thinking two races in two days is tough . The following is a list of races completed by John McDonald of trawden 
Saturday- parkrun followed by stan Bradshaw fell race followed by mid lancs cross country followed by Podium 5k!
Sunday Ron Hill 10k 
John said to me he was having a rest on Sunday afternoon. He definitely earned it !! 

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February 2019
Title: Pam McCullagh : Winter Warmer - Points Race Road (1/7) Location: Witton Park, Blackburn Date of event:Sun 03/Feb/2019

Race report Winter Warmer 3 February 2019, Road Race (1/7)


After a few days of very wintery weather it was touch and go if the race would go ahead. But Blackburn Road Runners worked long and hard on Saturday to clear and grit the route, well done to them. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny morning, not a cloud in the sky, but absolutely freezing cold bbbrrrrr. Over 670 runners turned out to tackle the dreaded Buncer Lane, 32 ARR members braved the chill under an enormous amount of thermal layers ( apart from Walton who rocked up in shorts and his ARR vest!).


As always its a very popular and very well organised race, lots of local clubs there, a great atmosphere, loads of support all the way round. But it is a hard start to a race over 530 feet of elevation, including the dreaded Buncer Lane climb within the first mile. Its a test of if you can pace yourself well or if you just thrash it to the top and try not to die. After that its a very picturesque route over the tops and down into Pleasington. Another little stinking hill, then back into the park, the ever present Lifetime Member Peter Blackledge at the edge of the park cheering us all on and giving us our times, Thank you Peter, its always lovely to see you. Just to finish you off you have to do another lap of the track, whilst it feels like forever there were lots of ARR members were braving the cold cheering us on that last lap, Fred (sicknote) and the very vocal Ricky Billington thanks for the support.


Some of you may remember Aaron Palmer from our 10K last October, hes the GMP firefighter doing 22 10ks in memory of the 22 Manchester Bomb victims. The Winter Warmer was his 14th race, well done Aaron, keep going buddy.


Overall ARR had a fantastic day. We had 6 male runners in the first 35 finishers! And the ladies team continue to dominate having 6 finishers, under 40 minutes and in the top 21! With 4 age catagory winners, Super fast Sue Baron won the F50 (our very own Michele Baker coming in 2nd), our Most Improved Lady Nancy Bailey won F55, Glen M50 and Joe M55. We also won the first mixed ten runners prize and the first team prize for 20 over the line, excellent results from our small team.


Many thanks to BRR for getting the race on in the first place. And thanks to them for the yummy cake stall, staffed by our very own ARR member, Sarah Holt. All the proceeds went to WhiteAsh school in Oswaldtwistle ( Im the Vice Chair of governers!) Many thanks to all members who graciously scoffed stacks of cakes in aid of a great school, I think we should ask them to do a stall for our 10K race! All runners love cake!


All in all a great local race, with loads of fab support, very friendly, parking isnt a problem, the only problem is getting up Buncer!!


Cost £14, recieved a Medal, water bottle, microwavable pan and a ‘BEAT BUNCER’ buff. Plus fruit and water.



Chris Walton 37:07 Storming run and he managed to stay on his feet at the end, bonus!


James McLeod 38:01 Fantastic debut,


Glen Goodwin 38:42 Stalwart Fell Champ Glen continues his great form into 2019.


Chris Halstead 38:55 Nearly 3 minutes faster than last year, tremendous run.


Josh Woodstock 39:14 #roar! A massive pb for Josh the day after a Parkrun pb too.


Stephen Burton 39:35 Great time for someone who doesnt know how fast he should run!


Joe Curran 43:29 Winner of his age cat, proving to be a great team member.


Graham Hargraves 43:55 Continues his fantastic start to the season.


David Savage 44:06 ARRs very own Cilla Black match maker. Great time Dave


Catherine Derbyshire 44:09 As ever Catherine showing her strength.


Rick Grice 44:44 Great example of racing from Rick, steady start and strong finish.


Sue Baron 44:5 Would have been faster if shed have stayed upright.


Damien Fletcher 45:02 His fastest time on this course, well done President Elect!


Liam Moden 45:10 Faster than last year, his form is returning after a winter hiatus!


Andrew Figiel 45:41 36 seconds quicker than 2018, must be that RED January.


Lisa Parker 46:46 She braved the roads, think shes still happier running up a mountain!


Laura Hudson 47:10 She just rocks up, runs and smashes out great times, well done Laura.


Nancy Bailey 47:49 Age cat winner again, brilliant run Nancy.


Michele Baker 48:00 4 seconds off 2018 time, well done


Stuart Ramsey 49:54 Excellent race from Stuart, getting stronger every week, well done


Michelle McDonald 50:23 Fantastic time from Michelle, all that training is paying off.


Sue Rodwell 51:46 Great debut from Sue.


Keith Robinson 52:13 He does love a hill!


David Sagar 52:22 Managed a race sober! Well done Dave.


Christian Hill 55:53 Fantastic PB on this course from Christian, powered by Hollands Pies.


Helen Dickson 57:02 2 and a half minutes off her 2018 time, Parkrun champ is back on form.


Pamela McCullagh 57:26 Slower than last year, very unfit after weeks out with injury.


Adrian Melton 58:27 As ever a great run from one of our most determined members.


Louise Slater 59:10 Well done Louise, especially under all those thermals.


Karen Figiel 1:03:03 RED Jan obviously working for Karen, well done


Colette Mallabourne 1:05:36 Powered up Buncer Lane with Poppy the ARR doggie mascot.


David Heppenstall 1:11:03 Well run David, consistently good running.


Next Championship Road Race is Darwen Tough 10K on 7th April, hopefully it will be slightly warmer weather by then, but Buncer will seem easy with whats in store for this race, better get some hill rep training in!!


Pamela McCullagh

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January 2019
Title: East Lancashire Hospice 10k - Trail Races (1/7) Location: Great Harwood Date of event:Sun 13/Jan/2019

East Lancs Hospice Trail 10k – Sunday 13th January 2019, Trail Race (1/7)


With Christmas but a distant memory, everyone needs someone to get them through the early dark days of January, but fear not as the ARR 2019 club races season is upon us!


Though a solid Accrington contingent turned out to see out 2018 at the Ribble Valley 10k, the first official race was another old favourite, the east lancs hospice 10k, a local trail race in Great Harwood, donating race proceeds to the East Lancashire hospice, a very worthy cause.


ARRs attendance was 33 runners, in a field of 427, one up on 2018’s 32!


The course makes great use of public footpaths and canal tracks, to turn quite a thin 6 miles into a challenging technical trail course.
The race is a gradual climb for the first 2/3 miles, on a thin track, but then opening out to a point where the runners can see a tricky climb immediately above them. The course does reverse onto itself, and for those of us not at the front of the race, it offers an excellent chance to see the front runners coming back down the hill during our ascent! This can be a source of both great inspiration… and anger!!

Once the runners have descended back down said hill, the course takes in a relatively downhill 2 mile finish along the canal path, and finally back onto the industrial estate, before a very short climb to the finish, where Mr David Belshaw was stood to pick up some cracking race finish photographs….


Chris Walton took the men’s points’ race in a time of 38:12, coming 8th overall, with Chris Halstead hot on his heels in 11th place in 38:38. With fell king Glen Goodwin just behind in 12th place this meant ARR had three men in the top 15, and was enough to win us the male team prize, well done gents! The reigning champ Josh Woodstock opened his account with a solid 4th place in 42.02, 24 seconds improvement on the prior year.
Elsewhere in the men’s race, perennial improver Joe Curran was a popular age category winner coming home in 43:26, as was Adrian Melton, coming home in 59:43, a fantastic achievement as he seems to be doing a race every other day!
It was also great to see new lifetime member Peter Blackledge out on the course, besting his 2018 time by just less than 3 minutes, and good to see he didn’t lose his hat on such a blustery occasion!


In the ladies race Catherine Derbyshire was our winner, in 44:48, good for 48th overall and a 33 second improvement on last year! Catherine also took home a category win, as if ARR glory wasn’t enough!
Nancy Bailey was second in 48:42, also winning her category, and overcoming a race that has injured her in the past! Well done to both!
Our sixth individual category winner but by no means least, was ever present Janet Hoyle, well done!


Next stop, another regular event Blackburn Winter Warmer, road 10k, Sunday 3rd Feb. Happy training ARR!


CHRIS WALTON 00:38:12 Strong showing, laying down a trail gauntlet
CHRIS HALSTEAD 00:38:38 Solid improvement on 2018!
GLEN GOODWIN 00:39:02 Category win and 2 seconds quicker!
JOSH WOODSTOCK 00:42:02 Returning champ, building well
JOE CURRAN 00:43:26 Well done Joe, deserved category winner
GRAHAM HARGREAVES 00:44:05 Building on strong RV showing, easily under 45
PAUL GALLAGHER 00:44:43 Returning from injury, solid run
CATHERINE DERBYSHIRE 00:44:48 Good win and improvement on last year
DAVID SAVAGE 00:45:06 Struggling with injuries but still speedy time!
RICHARD GRICE 00:45:42 Mr Positive, sensible start and fast time!
LIAM MODEN 00:46:40 Over 90 seconds quicker than 2018, with a XC day before!
KEITH ROBINSON 00:47:09 Nearly 4 minutes quicker than 2018! 
NANCY BAILEY 00:48:42 Category winner, settling a score with the course!
JUSTIN BIRTWISTLE 00:49:18 Good run, comfortably under 50 minutes
FRED GREEN 00:49:37 Recovering from injury, glad to be racing at all!
MICHELE BAKER 00:49:43 Strong throughout, thank you for dragging me round!
LES READFEARN 00:49:59 Good to see Les back, battling hamstring woes!
RICKY BILLINGTON 00:50:08 Unlucky not to sneak inside 50 after a heroic photo finish!
THOMAS BATTRICK 00:50:52 Ran exactly the same time as 2018, Mr Consistent
MICHELLE MCDONALD 00:50:56 A lot of grinning at the finish line, can only be a good sign!
STUART RAMSAY 00:52:25 Good run from Stuart, careful with that speedy start!
CHRISTIAN HILL 00:56:07 Unsure if a PB but well over 4 minutes quicker than 2018! Awesome!
PAUL JACKSON 00:56:30 Hope to see more of you at races this year Paul, strong run!
HELEN DICKSON 00:57:57 Good sub 60 run on her birthday week!
ADRIAN MELTON 00:59:43 Comfortably inside the hour, well deserved category win
PETER HOYLE 01:00:08 Very consisent to 2018, and another regular at the club races!
KAREN FIGIEL 01:02:54 Straight back at it after a thousand mile year in 2018!
JANET HOYLE 01:02:56 Category winner and a solid run with Karen!
ALISON WOLSTENHOLME 01:05:40 Another strong group 4 duo, enjoyed seeing you both powering
KAREN JACKSON 01:05:45 up the hill!
PETER BLACKLEDGE 01:11:23 Well run Peter, solid improvement on 2018!
DAVID HEPPENSTALL 01:12:41 Our third Vet 70 runner, fantastic effort!
MELANIE FINCH 01:16:07 ARR Debut, training for some bigger runs in 2019, good luck!


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January 2019
Title: 2019 Club Races Location: N/A Date of event:Fri 04/Jan/2019

Dates For Diary - 2019 Club Races!!


Winter Warmer 10k - Sunday 3rd February
Darwen Tough 10k - Sunday 7th April
Podium 5k (Barrowford) - Friday 14th June (PM)
Gerry McCabe's Legendary Hendon Brook, 13 miles - Sunday 7th July
Padiham Greenway 5k - Wednesday 24th July (PM)
Burnsall 10 Miler - (Date TBC) est Sunday 25th August
Rochdale Half Marathon - Sunday 6th October


Buckden Out Moor - Saturday 6th April
Hameldon Hill - Sunday 5th May
Weets Fell - Saturday 8th June
Stoodley Pike - Tuesday 2nd July (PM)
Boulsworth Fell - Sunday 11th August
Pendle 3 Peaks Race - Saturday 17th August
Thieveley Pike - Saturday 28th September


East Lancs Hospice 10k - Sunday 13th January
Jackals Half Marathon - Sunday 10th March
Blackpool Beach 10k - Sunday 12th May
Wholan Nook Trail Race (5 miles) - Wednesday 15th May (PM)
Pendle Festival Trail Race - (Date TBC) est Sunday 14th July
Worsthorne Moor Race - Sunday 4th August
Ribble Way 10 Mile Race - Sunday 8th September


All races will be publicised in the lead up to them - and will be posted sometime in the next week or so on the website as events.
Any questions please feel free to message us on facebook or speak to any of the committee on a training night!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the races!

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January 2019
Title: Cross Country League Location: Todmorden Date of event:Tue 01/Jan/2019

Red Rose Cross Country League– Race 4 – Centre Vale Park, Todmorden.


There was a new venue for the final race of our cross-country season.

Todmorden Harriers were the hosts with the event based in Centre Vale Park.

Unfortunately, heavy rain made the course very muddy with most runners voting it the hardest and slowest race of the season.

Although the forecast was bad we still 19 runners competing 9 x ladies & 10 x men. Unfortunately, Sue DNF due to injury, nothing serious, back running now……….

The ladies team had a fantastic result and finished 4th in the Senior Race and 3rd in the Vets Race. The Men’s team was our strongest for many seasons, they finished 6th overall in both Senior and Vets race.


Although the ladies and men’s races are separate, we can determine the order of merit by calculating finishing times and positions when running against their own gender.

All those with a percent under 100% finished in the top half of their race.


ARR Runners


  1. Debbie Gowans           79.18% Best result of the season 11th overall and first in age group.
  2. Catherine Derbyshire 82.70% Completed all 4 races this season, improving at every race. An impressive 2nd in age for this race and for the whole season.
  3. Chris Halstead             85.86% Best ever XC result. 10% improvement on current ranking. Our most improved male XC runner this season.
  4. Glen Goodwin              85.90% Also best ever XC result. 1st in age group & 2nd overall for season.
  5. Julia Hartley                87.33% First race of the season, top ten finish in age group.
  6. Nancy Bailey                90.30% Best ever result from 15 previous races. 1st place overall for season in age group. Well done Nancy another trophy to polish….
  7. Chris Walton               93.37% Struggled a little in the mud as usual, but still a good performance.
  8. Katharine Gregson      94.43% Best result of the season from our most improved XC lady.
  9. Josh Woodstock          96.67% Great consistency 96% all 3 races. Top ten overall finish – age group.
  10. Laura Hudson              97.96% Also very consistent, all 3 races within 2%, and top half finish in all.  
  11. Joe Curran                   98.43% Great 1st season, completed 3 races and finished 5th overall in age group
  12. Neil Williamson           100.32% First appearance in our XC team, only 10 seconds from a top half finish.
  13. Graham Hargreaves    102.87% Big improvement (7%) on Rossendale race, 2 races this season.  
  14. Pam McCullagh            106.82% 7 x Cross country races in a row, steady improvement throughout year.
  15. Louise Stevenson       111.23% Competed at all four races, improving in all finishing impressive 8th in age group. Not her favourite surface.
  16. Liam Moden                 112.33% Hasn’t missed a XC race in 3 seasons, amazingly consistent whatever the conditions. Great supportive team member.  
  17. Ricky Billington           126.63% Great effort from one of our new members in his first XC, strong finish.
  18. Stuart Ramsey            131.78% Struggled a little in the mud, but never gave up and finished the race.
  19. Sue Baron -                  DNF        

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