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Accrington 10K - Sun 28/Oct/18
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*** ARR 10K Results ***
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1. Sun 20/Jan/2019: Ranking by Glen Goodwin - The Mast Race.

2. Thu 17/Jan/2019: News item by Fred Green - East Lancashire Hospice 10k - Trail Races (1/7) (13/Jan/19).

3. Mon 14/Jan/2019: Ranking by Chris Halstead - East Lancs Hospice.

4. Mon 14/Jan/2019: Ranking by Chris Halstead - Ribble Valley 10k.

5. Sun 13/Jan/2019: Ranking by Glen Goodwin - East Lancs Hospice.

6. Sun 13/Jan/2019: Event item by Fred Green - Ribble Way Trail Race.

7. Sun 13/Jan/2019: Event item by Fred Green - Worsthorne Moor Trail Race.

8. Sun 13/Jan/2019: Event item by Fred Green - Pendle Trail Race.

9. Sun 13/Jan/2019: Event item by Fred Green - Wholan Nook Trail Race.

10. Sun 13/Jan/2019: Event item by Fred Green - Blackpool Beach 10k.

11. Sun 13/Jan/2019: Event item by Fred Green - Jackals Trail Run Half Marathon.

12. Fri 11/Jan/2019: Event item by Graham Morris - Pendle 3 Peaks Fell Race.

13. Fri 11/Jan/2019: Event item by Graham Morris - Boulsworth Fell.

14. Fri 11/Jan/2019: Event item by Graham Morris - Thieveley Pike Fell.

15. Fri 11/Jan/2019: Event item by Graham Morris - Stoodley Pike Fell Race.

16. Fri 11/Jan/2019: Event item by Graham Morris - Weets Fell Race.

17. Fri 11/Jan/2019: Event item by Graham Morris - Great Hameldon Hill Fell Race.

18. Fri 11/Jan/2019: Event item by Graham Morris - Buckden Out Moor Fell Race.

19. Fri 11/Jan/2019: Event item by Graham Morris - Williams BMW Rochdale Half Marathon.

20. Fri 11/Jan/2019: Event item by Graham Morris - Burnsall 10 Mile Road Race.


1. Message posted by Keith Robinson on Tue 22/Jan/2019.

Thursday run this week is from The Willows, Haslingden Road, Guide, Blackburn BB1 2NG meeting at the usual time of 6.30 pm. All Welcome !!(message will expire on Fri 25/Jan/2019).

2. Message posted by Liam Moden on Sun 20/Jan/2019.

Glen continued his excellent form with an impressive seventh place at today's mast race . 42.51 only around 2and a half minutes behind the race winner . Well ran glen(message will expire on Sun 27/Jan/2019).

3. Message posted by Liam Moden on Sun 13/Jan/2019.

Winter warmer reccy ( Sunday 27 th Jan) Ten am . Meet at the old pavilion near the running track . To suit all runners . Run backs for the faster ones . Absolutely everyone welcome(message will expire on Mon 28/Jan/2019).

4. Message posted by Fred Green on Fri 11/Jan/2019.

Anyone keen to run The Jackals trail race on Sunday 10th March - please try and register ASAP, the race has a 200 limit and is showing as "Nearly Full". Link available here

(message will expire on Thu 31/Jan/2019).

5. Message posted by Fred Green on Mon 17/Dec/2018.

Parkrun Handicap 2019

A message from Liam:


After the relative success of last years inaugural event we are going to stage this competition again in 2019 . The rules of the comp are as follows 
Each entrant will be allocated a time . This will be based on the runners current p b at parkrun or it will be an informed calculation of your current form . So as an example 
                        Steve cramm 22.40   Versus   Paula Radcliffe 21.50  
So Steve finishes the parkrun in 22.45 ( - 5 secs on his allocated time ) 
Paula finishes in 21.49 ( + 1 second on her allocated time ) 
Therefore Paula would win the tie by 6 seconds 
This year , there will be an opportunity for anyone who gets knocked out in the first round to race again . So everyone who enters will get at least two runs ( if they want to ) 
We have loads more time this year , compared to last years event , so we are going to try to have a parkrun handicap first round day on the 2 nd Feb ( day before winter warmer ) with the backstop of every Saturday in February for those unable to make that date 
Anyone wishing to enter please comment on the Facebook entry or speak to Liam moden 
N b unfortunately Steve and Paula are not joining our club their names were used for example purposes only 
Thanks liam


(message will expire on Fri 01/Feb/2019).

6. Message posted by Liam Moden on Sun 16/Dec/2018.

The 1st event in the 2019 road points series is the Blackburn winter warmer 10 k . This race is Sunday 3 rd Feb . Online entries close the previous week . Last year 25 ARR ran . We can beat that total for a very local race(message will expire on Sun 03/Feb/2019).

7. Message posted by David Sagar on Mon 06/Aug/2018.

After listening to feedback from various members, can we recommend that anybody with any special diet requirements or allergies that are attending future club events wether Summer Runs or other social events, please contact the venue directly and in advance to arrange their meals please. This will help the venue to cater for your needs.(message will expire on Thu 13/Aug/2020).

8. Message posted by Liam Moden on Thu 05/Jul/2018.

If anyone wants to buy a running vest ( new style ) I will have one size of each in my car at races and club nights . . The sizes are extra small ladies , small, medium , large ladies and small , medium and large men's . Thanks liam £15 each . Buy two get a free bonus item(message will expire on Thu 12/Dec/2019).

9. Message posted by Graham Morris on Thu 27/Sep/2012.

Just a reminder – Wilsons Athletics Track is available to us every Thursday, 5:30pm to 6:30pm. We have a number of runners of all abilities currently using this facility for Track Sessions. Everyone is welcome! Speedwork doesn’t just make you run faster, it makes you more comfortable at all speeds and increases your fitness. Remember to ‘sign in’ & pay £2.50 to Hyndburn Athletics in the office next to the changing rooms.


(message will expire on Tue 31/Dec/2019).

10. Message posted by Graham Morris on Wed 02/Mar/2011.

Just a reminder to all our runners regarding the rule on club vests.
When competing as a member of Accrington Road Runners in a race or event; it is expected you wear (and display) a club vest.
This is particularly important when representing the club in team events and in our club races.
The club vest helps advertise and promote the club gives us a presence in races. 
Club Vests are available from Colette or Liam

(message will expire on Tue 31/Dec/2019).
ARR members - Athletics night 2016

Club events

Winter Warmer 10K. On Sun 03/Feb/2019, which is only 11 days away.
Mid Lancs Cross Country League. On Sat 02/Mar/2019, which is only 38 days away.
Jackals Trail Run Half Marathon. On Sun 10/Mar/2019, which is only 46 days away.
Buckden Out Moor Fell Race. On Sat 06/Apr/2019, which is only 72 days away.
Darwen Heritage Tough 10K. On Sun 07/Apr/2019, which is only 73 days away.
Great Hameldon Hill Fell Race. On Sun 05/May/2019, which is only 101 days away.
Blackpool Beach 10k. On Sun 12/May/2019, which is only 108 days away.
Wholan Nook Trail Race. On Wed 15/May/2019, which is only 111 days away.
Weets Fell Race. On Sat 08/Jun/2019, which is only 135 days away.
Barrowford Grand Prix 5K. On Fri 14/Jun/2019, which is only 141 days away.
Stoodley Pike Fell Race. On Tue 02/Jul/2019, which is only 159 days away.
Hendon Brook Half Marathon. On Sun 07/Jul/2019, which is only 164 days away.
Pendle Trail Race. On Sun 14/Jul/2019, which is only 171 days away.
Greenway 5k Road Race. On Wed 24/Jul/2019, which is only 181 days away.
Worsthorne Moor Trail Race. On Sun 04/Aug/2019, which is only 192 days away.
Boulsworth Fell. On Sun 11/Aug/2019, which is only 199 days away.
Pendle 3 Peaks Fell Race. On Sat 17/Aug/2019, which is only 205 days away.
Burnsall 10 Mile Road Race. On Sat 24/Aug/2019, which is only 212 days away.
Ribble Way Trail Race. On Sun 08/Sep/2019, which is only 227 days away.
Thieveley Pike Fell. On Sat 28/Sep/2019, which is only 247 days away.
Williams BMW Rochdale Half Marathon. On Sun 06/Oct/2019, which is only 255 days away.

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January 2019
Title: East Lancashire Hospice 10k - Trail Races (1/7) Location: Great Harwood Date of event:Sun 13/Jan/2019

East Lancs Hospice Trail 10k – Sunday 13th January 2019, Trail Race (1/7)


With Christmas but a distant memory, everyone needs someone to get them through the early dark days of January, but fear not as the ARR 2019 club races season is upon us!


Though a solid Accrington contingent turned out to see out 2018 at the Ribble Valley 10k, the first official race was another old favourite, the east lancs hospice 10k, a local trail race in Great Harwood, donating race proceeds to the East Lancashire hospice, a very worthy cause.


ARRs attendance was 33 runners, in a field of 427, one up on 2018’s 32!


The course makes great use of public footpaths and canal tracks, to turn quite a thin 6 miles into a challenging technical trail course.
The race is a gradual climb for the first 2/3 miles, on a thin track, but then opening out to a point where the runners can see a tricky climb immediately above them. The course does reverse onto itself, and for those of us not at the front of the race, it offers an excellent chance to see the front runners coming back down the hill during our ascent! This can be a source of both great inspiration… and anger!!

Once the runners have descended back down said hill, the course takes in a relatively downhill 2 mile finish along the canal path, and finally back onto the industrial estate, before a very short climb to the finish, where Mr David Belshaw was stood to pick up some cracking race finish photographs….


Chris Walton took the men’s points’ race in a time of 38:12, coming 8th overall, with Chris Halstead hot on his heels in 11th place in 38:38. With fell king Glen Goodwin just behind in 12th place this meant ARR had three men in the top 15, and was enough to win us the male team prize, well done gents! The reigning champ Josh Woodstock opened his account with a solid 4th place in 42.02, 24 seconds improvement on the prior year.
Elsewhere in the men’s race, perennial improver Joe Curran was a popular age category winner coming home in 43:26, as was Adrian Melton, coming home in 59:43, a fantastic achievement as he seems to be doing a race every other day!
It was also great to see new lifetime member Peter Blackledge out on the course, besting his 2018 time by just less than 3 minutes, and good to see he didn’t lose his hat on such a blustery occasion!


In the ladies race Catherine Derbyshire was our winner, in 44:48, good for 48th overall and a 33 second improvement on last year! Catherine also took home a category win, as if ARR glory wasn’t enough!
Nancy Bailey was second in 48:42, also winning her category, and overcoming a race that has injured her in the past! Well done to both!
Our sixth individual category winner but by no means least, was ever present Janet Hoyle, well done!


Next stop, another regular event Blackburn Winter Warmer, road 10k, Sunday 3rd Feb. Happy training ARR!


CHRIS WALTON 00:38:12 Strong showing, laying down a trail gauntlet
CHRIS HALSTEAD 00:38:38 Solid improvement on 2018!
GLEN GOODWIN 00:39:02 Category win and 2 seconds quicker!
JOSH WOODSTOCK 00:42:02 Returning champ, building well
JOE CURRAN 00:43:26 Well done Joe, deserved category winner
GRAHAM HARGREAVES 00:44:05 Building on strong RV showing, easily under 45
PAUL GALLAGHER 00:44:43 Returning from injury, solid run
CATHERINE DERBYSHIRE 00:44:48 Good win and improvement on last year
DAVID SAVAGE 00:45:06 Struggling with injuries but still speedy time!
RICHARD GRICE 00:45:42 Mr Positive, sensible start and fast time!
LIAM MODEN 00:46:40 Over 90 seconds quicker than 2018, with a XC day before!
KEITH ROBINSON 00:47:09 Nearly 4 minutes quicker than 2018! 
NANCY BAILEY 00:48:42 Category winner, settling a score with the course!
JUSTIN BIRTWISTLE 00:49:18 Good run, comfortably under 50 minutes
FRED GREEN 00:49:37 Recovering from injury, glad to be racing at all!
MICHELE BAKER 00:49:43 Strong throughout, thank you for dragging me round!
LES READFEARN 00:49:59 Good to see Les back, battling hamstring woes!
RICKY BILLINGTON 00:50:08 Unlucky not to sneak inside 50 after a heroic photo finish!
THOMAS BATTRICK 00:50:52 Ran exactly the same time as 2018, Mr Consistent
MICHELLE MCDONALD 00:50:56 A lot of grinning at the finish line, can only be a good sign!
STUART RAMSAY 00:52:25 Good run from Stuart, careful with that speedy start!
CHRISTIAN HILL 00:56:07 Unsure if a PB but well over 4 minutes quicker than 2018! Awesome!
PAUL JACKSON 00:56:30 Hope to see more of you at races this year Paul, strong run!
HELEN DICKSON 00:57:57 Good sub 60 run on her birthday week!
ADRIAN MELTON 00:59:43 Comfortably inside the hour, well deserved category win
PETER HOYLE 01:00:08 Very consisent to 2018, and another regular at the club races!
KAREN FIGIEL 01:02:54 Straight back at it after a thousand mile year in 2018!
JANET HOYLE 01:02:56 Category winner and a solid run with Karen!
ALISON WOLSTENHOLME 01:05:40 Another strong group 4 duo, enjoyed seeing you both powering
KAREN JACKSON 01:05:45 up the hill!
PETER BLACKLEDGE 01:11:23 Well run Peter, solid improvement on 2018!
DAVID HEPPENSTALL 01:12:41 Our third Vet 70 runner, fantastic effort!
MELANIE FINCH 01:16:07 ARR Debut, training for some bigger runs in 2019, good luck!


Submitted by: Fred Green - 821 - created on Thu 17/Jan/2019, last modified Thu 17/Jan/2019.

January 2019
Title: 2019 Club Races Location: N/A Date of event:Fri 04/Jan/2019

Dates For Diary - 2019 Club Races!!


Winter Warmer 10k - Sunday 3rd February
Darwen Tough 10k - Sunday 7th April
Podium 5k (Barrowford) - Friday 14th June (PM)
Gerry McCabe's Legendary Hendon Brook, 13 miles - Sunday 7th July
Padiham Greenway 5k - Wednesday 24th July (PM)
Burnsall 10 Miler - (Date TBC) est Sunday 25th August
Rochdale Half Marathon - Sunday 6th October


Buckden Out Moor - Saturday 6th April
Hameldon Hill - Sunday 5th May
Weets Fell - Saturday 8th June
Stoodley Pike - Tuesday 2nd July (PM)
Boulsworth Fell - Sunday 11th August
Pendle 3 Peaks Race - Saturday 17th August
Thieveley Pike - Saturday 28th September


East Lancs Hospice 10k - Sunday 13th January
Jackals Half Marathon - Sunday 10th March
Blackpool Beach 10k - Sunday 12th May
Wholan Nook Trail Race (5 miles) - Wednesday 15th May (PM)
Pendle Festival Trail Race - (Date TBC) est Sunday 14th July
Worsthorne Moor Race - Sunday 4th August
Ribble Way 10 Mile Race - Sunday 8th September


All races will be publicised in the lead up to them - and will be posted sometime in the next week or so on the website as events.
Any questions please feel free to message us on facebook or speak to any of the committee on a training night!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the races!

Submitted by: Fred Green - 820 - created on Wed 09/Jan/2019, last modified Wed 09/Jan/2019.