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Accrington 10K - Sun 27/Oct/19
*** ARR 10K Results ***

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*** ARR 10K Results ***
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1. Message posted by Liam Moden on Fri 25/Oct/2019.

Kit is now available online at . Search my clubs and press the Accrington road runners icon . I have some lady's fit samples on request. RACE VESTS ARE STILL FROM LIAM ON CLUBNIGHTS AND RACES.(message will expire on Sun 01/Nov/2020).

2. Message posted by David Sagar on Mon 06/Aug/2018.

After listening to feedback from various members, can we recommend that anybody with any special diet requirements or allergies that are attending future club events wether Summer Runs or other social events, please contact the venue directly and in advance to arrange their meals please. This will help the venue to cater for your needs.(message will expire on Thu 13/Aug/2020).

3. Message posted by Liam Moden on Thu 05/Jul/2018.

If anyone wants to buy a running vest ( new style ) I will have one size of each in my car at races and club nights . . The sizes are extra small ladies , small, medium , large ladies and small , medium and large men's . Thanks liam £15 each . Buy two get a free bonus item(message will expire on Sat 12/Dec/2020).
ARR members - Athletics night 2016

Club events

Holcombe Two Towers. On Wed 10/Jun/2020, which is only 7 days away.
Barrowford Grand Prix 5K. On Fri 19/Jun/2020, which is only 16 days away.
Race the Train - Bury to Rawtenstall (Trail Race 3/7). On Sun 21/Jun/2020, which is only 18 days away.
Trail relay. On Thu 25/Jun/2020, which is only 22 days away.
Rob Shepherd's Stirton, (Fell 4/7). On Wed 01/Jul/2020, which is only 28 days away.
Townley Park 10K. On Sun 12/Jul/2020, which is only 39 days away.
Pendle Trail Race (Trail 4/7). On Sun 19/Jul/2020, which is only 46 days away.
Lee Mill Fell Race (Fell 5/7). On Wed 29/Jul/2020, which is only 56 days away.
The Badger 10k (Trail 5/7). On Thu 06/Aug/2020, which is only 64 days away.
Boulsworth Fell Race (Fell 6/7). On Sun 09/Aug/2020, which is only 67 days away.
Handicap Race. On Tue 11/Aug/2020, which is only 69 days away.
Race the Train. On Sat 15/Aug/2020, which is only 73 days away.
Chipping Show Fell Race (Fell 7/7). On Sat 22/Aug/2020, which is only 80 days away.
Padiham Trail Race 10k (Trail 6/7). On Sun 20/Sep/2020, which is only 109 days away.
Rivington Trail Half Marathon (Trail 7/7). On Sat 03/Oct/2020, which is only 122 days away.
Remembrance Windmill 10k. On Sun 08/Nov/2020, which is only 158 days away.
Lee mills relays. On Sun 29/Nov/2020, which is only 179 days away.
Bradford Millennium Way relay. On Sun 13/Jun/2021, which is only 375 days away.

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Rankings for male runners - 2018

1.Chris Walton17:31Liverpool Rock & Roll 5k19/May/2018
2.Glen Goodwin18:14Podium 5k15/Jun/2018MV50
3.Glen Goodwin18:22Padiham Greenway 5k25/Jul/2018MV50
4.Joshua Woodstock19:02Padiham Greenway25/Jul/2018MV40
5.Joshua Woodstock20:11Hyndburn Parkrun01/Sep/2018MV40
6.Les Readfearn22:15Burnley Parkrun25/Aug/2018MV60
7.Les Readfearn22:34Padiham Greenway25/Jul/2018MV60
8.Lee Taylor25:11Witton Park 5k Charity Run21/Jan/2018
9.Peter Blackledge29:18Emer Casey (eire ) Charity Race12/Apr/2018MV65
1.Chris Walton36:29Stanley Park24/Feb/2018
2.Glen Goodwin36:39Ribbble Valley 10k30/Dec/2018MV50
3.Chris Halstead37:28Ribble Valley 10k30/Dec/2018
4.Joshua Woodstock38:43Handicap Race07/Aug/2018MV40
5.Glen Goodwin39:04East Lancs Hospice 10k14/Jan/2018MV50
6.Joshua Woodstock39:13Ribble Valley 10k30/Dec/2018MV40
7.Les Readfearn45:25Handicap Race 201807/Aug/2018MV60
8.Craig Clark48:56Wesham 10k24/Nov/2018MV50
9.Craig Clark49:06Ribble Valley 10k30/Dec/2018MV50
10.Lee Taylor52:34Brr Winter Warmer04/Feb/2018
11.Lee Taylor54:38East Lancs Hospice 10k14/Jan/2018
10 mile
1.Chris Walton59:56Preston 1018/Nov/2018
2.Joshua Woodstock01:07:27City Of Preston 10 Mile18/Nov/2018MV40
3.Craig Clark01:19:29Elswick 10 Miler21/Jul/2018MV50
4.Craig Clark01:23:20Caldervale Summer 1029/Jul/2018MV50
1/2 marathon
1.Chris Walton01:21:37Liverpool Rock And The Roll Half Marathon20/May/2018
2.Joshua Woodstock01:29:03Freckleton17/Jun/2018MV40
3.Craig Clark01:42:54Fleetwood Half Marathon19/Aug/2018MV50
4.Craig Clark01:45:41Great North Run09/Sep/2018MV50
1.Joshua Woodstock03:12:00Chester Marathon07/Oct/2018MV40
2.Joshua Woodstock03:24:00Manchester Marathon08/Apr/2018MV40

Rankings for female runners - 2018

1/2 marathon
1.Nancy Bailey01:44:05Freckleton17/Jun/2018FV55