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Accrington 10K - Sun 29/Oct/17

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1. Message posted by Keith Robinson on Wed 20/Sep/2017.

Thursday run this week is from Accrington Garages, Burnley Rd, Accrington, BB5 6DJ meeting at 6.30pm. All welcome !

(message will expire on Fri 22/Sep/2017).

2. Message posted by Michael Leeming on Mon 18/Sep/2017.

Please Note : ARR Runners taking part in the Ron Hill 79th Birthday 5k Race on Wed  27 Sept in Whitworth 

We have now been informed that the start venue has been changed from th Cock and Magpie Pub to the RED LION PUB, situated on Whitworth Square, postcode OL12 8PY 

(message will expire on Wed 27/Sep/2017).

3. Message posted by Michael Leeming on Tue 05/Sep/2017.


We are reinstating our highly popular         TEN PIN BOWLING NIGHT      at Blackburn Bowl . We divide up into team groups and compete against each other with a prize for the winning team. Bring along your family partner. If you would like to join us, please reply on ARR facebook or provide names at our next Tues training night. Followed by visit to nearby Turtle Bay Restaurant.  (optional)

(message will expire on Fri 29/Sep/2017).

4. Message posted by Michele Baker on Wed 30/Aug/2017.

Date for your diary - Christmas Party & Presentation Evening Saturday 2nd December 2017

ARR Christmas Party & Presentation Evening this year will be held at Green Haworth Golf Club, Green Haworth, Accrington, BB5 3SL. Pencil it in your diary now and don't double book yourself!!

More information to follow.....

(message will expire on Sat 02/Dec/2017).

5. Message posted by Neil Thompson on Tue 29/Aug/2017.

Accrington 10k Marshal Request. Our annual 10k race is coming up on Sunday 29th October. For those who do not know; as members we are required to marshal the route and therefore cannot enter the race unless you can find a non member to volunteer on your behalf. However, I am working on outsourcing some of the less significant marshal points which should create a limited amount of entries for members to run the race. Please look out for updates on this in the coming weeks.All proceeds of the race will be going to The East Lancs Hospice and this race could not go ahead without members being kind enough to give up their free time. Please can members contact Michele Baker (Head Marshal) to offer their support.Thanks in advance.(message will expire on Mon 30/Oct/2017).

6. Message posted by Gerry Bunn on Mon 14/Aug/2017.

A selfless act by David Sagar in a recent Fell Race.... a true sportsman. Well done David, ARR should be proud of you!

It appears that David stopped during the race to help an injured runner... and at the expense of his position in the race.  See F/book for more details 


(message will expire on Sat 30/Sep/2017).

7. Message posted by Graham Morris on Thu 27/Sep/2012.

Just a reminder – Wilsons Athletics Track is available to us every Thursday, 5:30pm to 6:30pm. We have a number of runners of all abilities currently using this facility for track sessions. Everyone is welcome! Speedwork doesn’t just make you run faster, it makes you more comfortable at all speeds and increases your fitness. Remember to ‘sign in’ & pay £2 to Hyndburn Athletics in the office next to the changing rooms.


(message will expire on Sun 31/Dec/2017).

8. Message posted by Graham Morris on Wed 02/Mar/2011.

Just a reminder to all our runners regarding the rule on club vests.
When competing in any race or event as an attached member of Accrington Road Runners; it is expected you wear (and display) a club vest.
This is particularly important when representing the club in team events and in our club races.
The club vest helps advertise and promote the club gives us a presence in races. 
Club vest are available from Colette

(message will expire on Sun 31/Dec/2017).
ARR members - Athletics night 2016

Club events

THIEVELEY PIKE. On Sat 30/Sep/2017, which is only 9 days away.

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Rankings for male runners - 2012

1.Shaun Livesey17:15Catforth 5km04/Aug/2012
2.Shaun Livesey17:27Townley 5k08/Jul/2012
3.Graham Morris17:47Track Time Trial08/Nov/2012MV45
4.Glen Goodwin18:13Townley 5k08/Jul/2012MV45
5.Graham Morris18:30Chorley Parks Series18/May/2012MV45
6.Glen Goodwin18:37Heaton Park 5k Park Run21/Apr/2012MV45
7.Paul Calverley19:05Track Time Trial08/Nov/2012MV45
8.Chris Walton19:06Catforth 5km04/Aug/2012
9.David Rogers19:12Llandudno Easter 5k Promenade Dash07/Apr/2012MV40
10.Philip Dunn19:32Lancaster 5k 30/Jun/2012
11.Andrew Heys19:39Preston Park Run03/Nov/2012
12.Andrew Heys19:51Bolton Park Run14/Jan/2012
13.David Rogers20:00Vera Hirst 5k Road Race28/Mar/2012MV40
14.David Sagar21:54Townley Park Run04/Aug/2012
15.Ian Tomlinson24:40Sunderland Park Run23/Jun/2012MV50
1.Shaun Livesey36:17Sotos 10km Very Windy24/Jun/2012
2.Glen Goodwin37:59Burnley Lions 10k29/Jun/2012MV45
3.Andrew Heys38:13Leeds Abbey Dash18/Nov/2012
4.Paul Calverley39:58Ribble Valley 10k 30/Dec/2012MV45
5.Andrew Heys40:08Trafford 10km11/Mar/2012
6.Paul Calverley41:05Lancaster 3 Bridges01/Apr/2012MV45
7.Pete Waring42:16Barcelona31/Dec/2012MV55
8.David Sagar43:55City Of Manchester 10k24/Jun/2012
9.Keith Robinson46:33Windmill 10k11/Nov/2012MV45
10 mile
1.Shaun Livesey59:15Elswick Express 21/Jul/2012
2.David Rogers01:03:58Guys 10 Mile Road Race02/Dec/2012MV40
3.Andrew Heys01:04:09Guys 10 Mile Road Race02/Dec/2012
4.Paul Calverley01:04:56Guys 10 Mile Road Race02/Dec/2012MV45
5.Chris Walton01:06:17Preston 10 Mile 18/Nov/2012
6.David Rogers01:06:23Fleetwood 10 Mile Road Race29/Apr/2012MV40
7.Paul Calverley01:07:53Thirsk 1025/Mar/2012MV45
8.Paul Corrigan01:10:16Guys 10 Mile Road Race02/Dec/2012MV40
1/2 marathon
1.Shaun Livesey01:19:15Inskip Derby Arms ( Very Very Windy)22/Jan/2012
2.Graham Morris01:23:00Preston Guild28/Oct/2012MV45
3.David Rogers01:28:10The Great North Run 16/Sep/2012MV40
4.Paul Calverley01:30:14Great North West Half Marathon26/Feb/2012MV45
5.Andrew Heys01:30:51Essar Four Villages Half Marathon22/Jan/2012
6.Andrew Heys01:31:30Wrexham Half Marathon19/Feb/2012
7.Paul Calverley01:32:06Preston Guild28/Oct/2012MV45
8.Chris Walton01:32:10Blackpool Great Half Marathon27/Feb/2012
9.Graham Morris01:33:00Rivington Trail Race06/Oct/2012MV45
10.Glen Goodwin01:34:00Hendon Brook Half Marathon, Nelson17/Jun/2012MV45
11.Jamie Osborne01:37:39Great North West Half Marathon26/Feb/2012
12.Paul Corrigan01:38:08Preston Guild28/Oct/2012MV40
13.Jamie Osborne01:43:34Inskip Derby Arms22/Jan/2012
14.Ed Grimshaw01:46:27Haweswater Half Marathon 201204/Mar/2012MV50
1.Andrew Heys03:23:31Greater Manchester Marathon29/Apr/2012
2.David Sagar03:37:42London Marathon 201222/Apr/2012
3.Keith Robinson03:43:49Preston Guild Marathon28/Oct/2012MV45
1.Shaun Livesey02:10:15Spen 2011/Mar/2012

Rankings for female runners - 2012

1.Sarah Ridehalgh18:44Track Time Trial08/Nov/2012FV35
2.Maxine Morton25:33Alexandra Park Time Trial01/Jan/2012FV35
5 mile
1.Maxine Morton44:36Trotters Trail Race04/Mar/2012FV35
2.Shirley Addy49:06Green Drive Five, Lytham21/Oct/2012FV50
1.Colette Mallabourn54:18Windmill 10k11/Nov/2012FV40
2.Shirley Addy59:28Windmill 10k11/Nov/2012FV50
3.Shirley Addy59:37Catforth 10k Road Race08/Jul/2012FV50
10 mile
1.Julia Hartley01:13:25Lytham 10 Miles18/Mar/2012FV40
1.Colette Mallabourn04:06:56Greater Manchester Marathon29/Apr/2012FV40
2.Alexandra Whalley04:21:34Virgin London Marathon:sun 22nd April 201222/Apr/2012FV40
1.Maxine Morton51:20Lostock 6 Mile Road Race26/Feb/2012FV35