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Accrington 10K - Sun 29/Oct/17

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2. Mon 17/Jul/2017: Ranking by Chris Walton - Elswick Express 10.

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20. Tue 16/May/2017: News item by Paul Calverley - HAMELDON (07/May/17).


1. Message posted by Paul Calverley on Tue 11/Jul/2017.


Well done to Alison Wolstenholme, our Runner of the Month for June! 


(message will expire on Mon 24/Jul/2017).

2. Message posted by Gerry Bunn on Mon 10/Jul/2017.

He's done it again!! Well done Harry (Haseley), now Time Trial Champion at 100miles in his age group. This follows from his recent win over 50 miles

(message will expire on Thu 10/Aug/2017).

3. Message posted by Liam Moden on Sun 09/Jul/2017.

I am looking to do the salt cellar fell race on Friday 4 august its based at ladybower reservoir. It's about an hour and half away so I will be setting off around four for a seven o clock start if anyone fancies it let me know details on salt cellar fell race ps it's fully marshalled(message will expire on Wed 16/Aug/2017).

4. Message posted by Graham Morris on Mon 03/Jul/2017.

Bradford Relay - club records now updated. See our website - Links - Relays - Bradford. Check out were you stand in our all time records. Thanks to everyone that supported the club in this event.

(message will expire on Thu 10/Aug/2017).

5. Message posted by Gerry Bunn on Thu 29/Jun/2017.

129 Marathons, and goodness knows how many races at shorter distances..... then he took up cycling! Now  2017 National Champion at 50 miles Time Trial in his age group.  Well done Harry (Haseley), fantastic achievement.  Next he's competing in the 100 miles TT Championships.... Good Luck Harry, ARR are behind you all the way.

(message will expire on Mon 31/Jul/2017).

6. Message posted by Graham Morris on Tue 15/Jul/2014.

Anyone considering Race the Train there are places still available and space at our campsite. The entry fee increases early in August so make sure you book early. More information on our web site - Club Events. If you require a pitch on the campsite please let me know. Its a great weekend so come and join us........ 

(message will expire on Fri 18/Aug/2017).

7. Message posted by Graham Morris on Thu 27/Sep/2012.

Just a reminder – Wilsons Athletics Track is available to us every Thursday, 5:30pm to 6:30pm. We have a number of runners of all abilities currently using this facility for track sessions. Everyone is welcome! Speedwork doesn’t just make you run faster, it makes you more comfortable at all speeds and increases your fitness. Remember to ‘sign in’ & pay £2 to Hyndburn Athletics in the office next to the changing rooms.


(message will expire on Sun 31/Dec/2017).

8. Message posted by Graham Morris on Wed 02/Mar/2011.

Just a reminder to all our runners regarding the rule on club vests.
When competing in any race or event as an attached member of Accrington Road Runners; it is expected you wear (and display) a club vest.
This is particularly important when representing the club in team events and in our club races.
The club vest helps advertise and promote the club gives us a presence in races. 
Club vest are available from Colette

(message will expire on Sun 31/Dec/2017).
ARR members - Athletics night 2016

Club events

WHITTLE PIKE. On Wed 02/Aug/2017, which is only 11 days away.
PRUDENT RIVERSIDE 10. On Sun 06/Aug/2017, which is only 15 days away.
Handicap Race. On Tue 08/Aug/2017, which is only 17 days away.
Race the Train. On Sat 19/Aug/2017, which is only 28 days away.
BURY 10K. On Sun 17/Sep/2017, which is only 57 days away.
THIEVELEY PIKE. On Sat 30/Sep/2017, which is only 70 days away.

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Rankings for female runners - 2011

1.Sarah Ridehalgh18:36Littleborough 5k06/Apr/2011FV35
2.Louise McAuley21:14Ulverston01/Sep/2011
3.Julia Hartley21:24Alexander Park 5k04/Dec/2011FV35
4.Julia Hartley22:12Brenda And Colin Robinson 5k Road Race06/Apr/2011FV35
5.Ruth Dawson25:22Littleborough 5k06/Apr/2011FV35
5 mile
1.Louise McAuley35:32Green Drive 5, Lytham16/Oct/2011
1.Sarah Ridehalgh37:12Ribble Valley 10k 27/Dec/2011FV35
2.Julie Brady41:57Trafford 13/Mar/2011
3.Julia Hartley45:02 Wesham 10 K Road Race27/Nov/2011FV35
4.Julia Hartley45:21Trafford 13/Mar/2011FV35
5.Nicola Wood46:03Burnley Lions 10k, Colne, Lancashire29/May/2011
6.Ruth Dawson55:32Alternative Boxing Day 10km15/May/2011FV35
10 mile
1.Beverly Flood01:34:17St. Annes 10 Mile Road Race20/Mar/2011FV40
1/2 marathon
1.Sarah Ridehalgh01:21:15Village Bakery Half Marathon27/Feb/2011FV35
2.Nicola Wood01:34:12South Yorkshire Half Marathon20/Mar/2011
3.Nicola Wood01:35:05Pennington Flash Trail Race03/Apr/2011
4.Julie Brady01:35:3122nd Great North West Half Marathon27/Feb/2011
5.Julia Hartley01:37:11Liverpool Half Marathon Sun 27th 201127/Mar/2011FV35
6.Maxine Morton01:56:30Blackpool Great Half Marathon27/Feb/2011FV35
7.Beverly Flood02:05:30Asics Wilmslow Half Marathon27/Mar/2011FV40
1.Sarah Ridehalgh02:56:39Virgin London Marathon17/Apr/2011FV35
2.Gretel Jackson03:25:39Amsterdam Marathon 16/Oct/2011
3.Julia Hartley03:35:40London 17/Apr/2011FV35
4.Nicola Wood03:44:01London 17/Apr/2011
5.Maxine Morton04:34:53Edinburgh Marathon22/May/2011FV35
6.Alexandra Whalley04:36:39Edinburgh Marathon22/May/2011FV40
7.Ruth Dawson05:04:22Virgin London Marathon17/Apr/2011FV35
1.Louise McAuley53:36Burnley Firestation 702/Oct/2011
2.Nicola Wood01:18:37Compstons Cross 9 Mile Fell Race25/Jun/2011
3.Nicola Wood02:17:13Winter Hill Fell Race13/Feb/2011
4.Victoria Mousley04:15:2950k Nottingham Ultramarathon08/Oct/2011
5.Victoria Mousley08:25:2950 Mile Ultramarathon16/Oct/2011

Rankings for male runners - 2011

1.Chris Barnes17:13Lancaster 5k24/Sep/2011
2.Chris Barnes17:15Ulverston 5k04/Sep/2011
3.Shaun Livesey17:28Heaton Park 5km Road Race22/May/2011
4.Graham Morris17:35Brenda And Colin Robinson 5k Road Race06/Apr/2011MV45
5.Glen Goodwin17:37Accrington 5k Road Race11/Sep/2011MV45
6.Glen Goodwin19:04Brenda And Colin Robinson 5k Road Race06/Apr/2011MV45
7.Andrew Heys19:59Alexander Park 5k04/Dec/2011
8.Philip Dunn19:59Ron Hill 73rd Birthday 5k Road Race22/Sep/2011
9.Andrew Heys20:03Alexander Park 5k06/Nov/2011
10.Chris Walton20:16Bolton 5k20/Mar/2011
11.Chris Walton20:43Brenda And Colin Robinson 5k Road Race06/Apr/2011
5 mile
1.Shaun Livesey27:53Green Drive 5, Lytham16/Oct/2011
2.Shaun Livesey28:45Fairclough 503/Jul/2011
3.Glen Goodwin29:27Green Drive 5, Lytham16/Oct/2011MV45
4.Pete Waring34:49Green Drive 5, Lytham16/Oct/2011MV50
1.Shaun Livesey34:54Ribble Valley 10km Road Race27/Dec/2011
2.Shaun Livesey35:10Catforth 10k10/Jul/2011
3.Chris Barnes35:51Trafford 10 K13/Mar/2011
4.Graham Morris35:59Stanley Park 10k Road Race Blackpool05/Mar/2011MV45
5.Graham Morris36:59Alternative Boxing Day 10km15/May/2011MV45
6.Glen Goodwin37:04Ribble Valley 10km Road Race27/Dec/2011MV45
7.Glen Goodwin38:05Catforth 10k10/Jul/2011MV45
8.Chris Walton39:08Ribble Valley 10k 27/Dec/2011
9.Martin King39:15Catforth 10k10/Jul/2011
10.Martin King39:31Alternative Boxing Day 10km15/May/2011
11.Philip Dunn39:37Lancaster 10k 20/Jul/2011
12.Chris Walton40:11Catforth 10k10/Jul/2011
13.Paul Calverley41:06Ribble Valley 10k 27/Dec/2011MV45
14.Philip Dunn41:17Warrington 10k 23/Jun/2011
15.Andrew Heys42:02Ribble Valley 10k 27/Dec/2011
16.Andrew Heys42:23 Wesham 10 K Road Race27/Nov/2011
17.Paul Calverley43:08Alternative Boxing Day 10km15/May/2011MV45
18.Pete Waring44:57Alternative Boxing Day 10km15/May/2011MV50
19.David Sagar45:01City Of Salford 10k04/Sep/2011
20.Pete Waring46:24Catforth 10k10/Jul/2011MV50
21.David Sagar46:33Accrington 10k30/Oct/2011
10 mile
1.Shaun Livesey57:49Grizedale 10 (approx)27/Mar/2011
2.Shaun Livesey57:54Elswick Express 10 Mile23/Jul/2011
3.Martin King01:04:38Ultra Fit St Annes 10mile20/Mar/2011
4.Martin King01:04:38Fleetwood 10 Mile Road Race24/Apr/2011
5.Chris Walton01:05:14Preston 10 Mile Road Race 201120/Nov/2011
6.Paul Calverley01:08:56Ultra Fit St Annes 10mile20/Mar/2011MV45
7.Andrew Heys01:09:04Puma Stockport 1011/Dec/2011
8.Chris Walton01:11:06Gay Fawlks 06/Nov/2011
9.David Sagar01:13:11Blackpool Fleetwood 10 Mile 02/Oct/2011
10.Paul Calverley01:16:45Guy Fawkes 1006/Nov/2011MV45
11.Pete Waring01:29:02Guy Fawkes 1006/Nov/2011MV50
1/2 marathon
1.Shaun Livesey01:17:41Garstang Half-marathon 201118/Sep/2011
2.Shaun Livesey01:18:04Fleetwood Half Marathon28/Aug/2011
3.Paul Corrigan01:28:56Blackpool Great Half Marathon27/Feb/2011
4.Martin King01:29:26Twin Piers Half Marathon, St. Annes13/Mar/2011
5.Chris Walton01:31:32The Great North Run18/Sep/2011
6.Philip Dunn01:32:51Village Bakery Half Marathon27/Feb/2011
7.Glen Goodwin01:39:15Hendon Brook Half Marathon, Nelson19/Jun/2011MV45
8.Paul Calverley01:40:43Buxton Half Marathon29/May/2011MV45
9.Paul Calverley01:41:40Garstang Half-marathon 201118/Sep/2011MV45
10.Andrew Heys01:43:21Liversedge Half Marathon13/Feb/2011
11.David Sagar01:44:41The Great North Run18/Sep/2011
12.Jim Donohoe01:54:36Twin Piers Half Marathon, St. Annes13/Mar/2011MV50
13.Michael Hartley02:08:2922nd Great North West Half Marathon20/Feb/2011
1.Shaun Livesey02:53:56Great Welsh Marathon10/Apr/2011
2.Martin King03:16:31Edinburgh Marathon22/May/2011
3.Paul Corrigan03:26:27Virgin London Marathon17/Apr/2011
4.Andrew Heys03:44:34Mbna Chester Marathon09/Oct/2011
5.Andrew Heys03:47:07Edinburgh Marathon22/May/2011
6.Jim Donohoe04:36:39Edinburgh Marathon22/May/2011MV55
7.Pete Waring04:41:29Lakeland Trails Marathon Coniston03/Jul/2011MV50
8.Austin McBride05:27:06Edinburgh Marathon22/May/2011MV60
1.Glen Goodwin38:26Cliviger 631/Jul/2011MV45
2.Chris Walton40:26Cliviger 631/Jul/2011
3.Paul Calverley40:39Lostock 627/Feb/2011MV45
4.Paul Calverley57:18Trawden 726/Jun/2011MV45
5.Pete Waring01:01:46Trawden 726/Jun/2011MV50
6.Jim Donohoe01:12:50Bolton By Bowland04/Dec/2011MV55
7.Martin King01:56:59Coniston 14+ (16.8m)09/Apr/2011
8.Jim Donohoe02:11:07Race The Train 1420/Aug/2011MV55
9.Andrew Heys02:22:33Coniston 14+ (16.8m)09/Apr/2011
10.Andrew Heys02:39:58Spen 2013/Mar/2011