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Accrington 10K - Sun 26/Oct/14

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1. Fri 22/Aug/2014: News item by Graham Morris - Race the Train 2014 (22/Aug/14).

2. Tue 19/Aug/2014: Event by Steve Davies - Pendle Memorial.

3. Tue 19/Aug/2014: Event by Steve Davies - Pendle 3 Peaks.

4. Wed 13/Aug/2014: News item by Paul Calverley - SUMMER HANDICAP (10/Aug/14).

5. Sun 10/Aug/2014: News item by Graham Morris - Summer Handicap Race (10/Aug/14).

6. Fri 18/Jul/2014: Event by Graham Morris - Summer Run - Handicap Race.

7. Mon 14/Jul/2014: Member's profile by Chris Walton.

8. Sat 12/Jul/2014: Ranking by Chris Walton - Todmorden .

9. Sat 12/Jul/2014: News item by Chris Walton - Todmorden 5k (10/Jul/14).

10. Tue 08/Jul/2014: Ranking by Philip Dunn - Catforth 5k.

11. Tue 08/Jul/2014: Ranking by Philip Dunn - Catforth 5k.

12. Wed 02/Jul/2014: Photos by Phil Morton - Bradford Relay 2014.

13. Tue 01/Jul/2014: Photos by Graham Morris - Bradford Relay 2014.

14. Sat 28/Jun/2014: News item by Nancy Bailey - Freckleton Half Marathon (22/Jun/14).

15. Thu 26/Jun/2014: News item by Martin Wilcock - Freckleton Half Marathon (22/Jun/14).

16. Sun 22/Jun/2014: Ranking by Craig Clark - Freckleton Half Marathon 2014.

17. Sun 15/Jun/2014: News item by Julia Hartley - Hendon Brook (10/Jun/14).

18. Sat 07/Jun/2014: News item by Martin Wilcock - weets fell race (02/Jun/14).

19. Wed 04/Jun/2014: News item by Glen Goodwin - Paddy Pole fell race (03/Jun/14).

20. Wed 28/May/2014: Photos by Gerry Bunn - ian hesketh duathlon.


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Rankings for female runners - 2007

10 mile
1.Nancy Bailey01:19:45Derwentwater Ten04/Nov/2007FV45
1/2 marathon
1.Nicola Wood01:34:59Netcare Great North Western Blackpool25/Feb/2007
1.Nicola Wood03:46:23Flora London Marathon22/Apr/2007

Rankings for male runners - 2007

1.Simon Bailey37:25Blackpool Illuminations 10k15/Sep/2007MV45
2.Simon Bailey37:26Wesham 10k Road Race24/Nov/2007MV45
10 mile
1.Simon Bailey01:00:55Derwentwater Ten04/Nov/2007MV45
1/2 marathon
1.Simon Bailey01:17:57Lancaster Half Marathon21/Oct/2007MV45
2.Paul Jackson01:42:18Shell Four Villages Half Marathon20/Jan/2007MV55
1.Simon Bailey03:02:33Anglesey Marathon23/Sep/2007MV45