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Accrington 10K - Sun 29/Oct/17

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1. Message posted by Paul Calverley on Tue 11/Jul/2017.


Well done to Alison Wolstenholme, our Runner of the Month for June! 


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2. Message posted by Gerry Bunn on Mon 10/Jul/2017.

He's done it again!! Well done Harry (Haseley), now Time Trial Champion at 100miles in his age group. This follows from his recent win over 50 miles

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3. Message posted by Liam Moden on Sun 09/Jul/2017.

I am looking to do the salt cellar fell race on Friday 4 august its based at ladybower reservoir. It's about an hour and half away so I will be setting off around four for a seven o clock start if anyone fancies it let me know details on salt cellar fell race ps it's fully marshalled(message will expire on Wed 16/Aug/2017).

4. Message posted by Graham Morris on Mon 03/Jul/2017.

Bradford Relay - club records now updated. See our website - Links - Relays - Bradford. Check out were you stand in our all time records. Thanks to everyone that supported the club in this event.

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5. Message posted by Gerry Bunn on Thu 29/Jun/2017.

129 Marathons, and goodness knows how many races at shorter distances..... then he took up cycling! Now  2017 National Champion at 50 miles Time Trial in his age group.  Well done Harry (Haseley), fantastic achievement.  Next he's competing in the 100 miles TT Championships.... Good Luck Harry, ARR are behind you all the way.

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6. Message posted by Graham Morris on Tue 15/Jul/2014.

Anyone considering Race the Train there are places still available and space at our campsite. The entry fee increases early in August so make sure you book early. More information on our web site - Club Events. If you require a pitch on the campsite please let me know. Its a great weekend so come and join us........ 

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7. Message posted by Graham Morris on Thu 27/Sep/2012.

Just a reminder – Wilsons Athletics Track is available to us every Thursday, 5:30pm to 6:30pm. We have a number of runners of all abilities currently using this facility for track sessions. Everyone is welcome! Speedwork doesn’t just make you run faster, it makes you more comfortable at all speeds and increases your fitness. Remember to ‘sign in’ & pay £2 to Hyndburn Athletics in the office next to the changing rooms.


(message will expire on Sun 31/Dec/2017).

8. Message posted by Graham Morris on Wed 02/Mar/2011.

Just a reminder to all our runners regarding the rule on club vests.
When competing in any race or event as an attached member of Accrington Road Runners; it is expected you wear (and display) a club vest.
This is particularly important when representing the club in team events and in our club races.
The club vest helps advertise and promote the club gives us a presence in races. 
Club vest are available from Colette

(message will expire on Sun 31/Dec/2017).
ARR members - Athletics night 2016

Club events

WHITTLE PIKE. On Wed 02/Aug/2017, which is only 11 days away.
PRUDENT RIVERSIDE 10. On Sun 06/Aug/2017, which is only 15 days away.
Handicap Race. On Tue 08/Aug/2017, which is only 17 days away.
Race the Train. On Sat 19/Aug/2017, which is only 28 days away.
BURY 10K. On Sun 17/Sep/2017, which is only 57 days away.
THIEVELEY PIKE. On Sat 30/Sep/2017, which is only 70 days away.

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Handicap Race

Longridge 7 2010
Handicap Race followed by meal and prizes. The route will follow The Ribble Valley 10k course. Runners will be set off at different times (slower runners first) this will create an exciting race with all competitors finishing about the same time. With lots of prizes and everyone having an equal chance of winning, it should create a good event. Although we hope members will run and join us for food afterwards, there is no problem just to run and not bother with the food.
Roefield Leisure Centre, Clitheroe followed by presentation and food at The Edisford Bridge Pub.
manchester_xc_relays No charge for this event, but members will have to pay for their own food and drink.
Each runner will submit their estimated race time for this 10k course. This time should be their best 10k time OR a fair time that reflects the runner's current form. The time should be 'rounded' down to the nearest 30 seconds. (e.g. 42:39 = 42:30). Each runner will set off at different times hopefully creating an exciting finish. In theory everyone has an equal chance of wining if they run to their usual race pace.
Lots of prizes including 'booby' prize for the runner that finishes far faster than their estimated time, not a prize you want to win, so be fair with your time!!! Although you can just turn up on the day, it would help if you could let me know beforehand and your estimated time. It is important you let me know whether you are joining us for food, so we con confirm numbers with the caterer.

Mid Lancs Cross Country BLACKPOOL 2011
Name 2016
Stephen Shackleton 47.30
Alison Wolstenholme 60.30
Paul Dudbridge 54.36
Karen Figel 56.41
Lee Taylor 48.21
Tom Battrick 49.06
Janet Hoyle 53.40
Mark Kayley 57.47
Nad 46.48
Martin Bland 42.53
Damien Fletcher 43.54
Mick Leeming 53.58
Jim Smithson 56.07
Louise Slater 54.48
Paul Corrigan 43.20
Chris Walton 35.58
Peter Blackledge 56.48
Phil Sumner 49.51
Glen Goodwin 38.52
Antoinette Perry 49.58
Jack Winder 46.58
Louise Stevenson 51.09
Paul Gallagher 38.09
Peter Hoyle 54.09
Andy Bush 43.12
Emma Richardson 46.30
Paul Calverley 39.32
Catherine Derbyshire 43.42
Keith Robinson 46.12
Mick Coward 44.45
Michele Baker 46.21
Kaye Callaghan 45.57
Sarah Ridehalgh 41.08
David Mallaby 56.20
Alison Hargreaves 52.25
Chris Halstead 41.11
Michael Hartley 50.12
Francesca Turner 59.15
Laura Hudson 51.23
Paula Taylor 51.23
Lisa Boyle 48.02
Suzanne Sumner 59.12
Ant Ridehalgh 50.57
Paige Mallabourn 56.23
Name 2015
David Mallaby 55.45
Sarah Ridehalgh 41.03
Colette Mallabourn 56.15
Peter Hoyle 53.47
Janet Hoyle 54.18
Stewart Keithley 54.59
Emma Taylor 42.01
Amy Jackson 55.07
Alex Whalley 54.09
Paul Wilcock 40.49
Michele Baker 46.29
Peter Blackledge 55.10
Suzanne Sumner 55.47
Angela Terry 51.00
David Sagar 46.05
Catherine Derbyshire 45.12
Jo Hosker 47.21
Ian Tomlinson 51.39
Louise Stevenson 51.42
Chris Halstead 39.12
Rick Smith 43.54
Paul Gallagher 38.57
Ruth Dawson 55.04
Mark Hammond 50.05
Lisa Parker 44.12
Andy Bush 44.12
Martin King 39.44
Rebecca Sharples 47.48
Carole Morris 48.20
Karen Jackson 64.20
Michael Hartley 48.51
Martin Wilcock 38.04
Fab Passerini 60.38
Paul Jackson 52.15
Kaye Callaghan 48.50
Ant Ridehalgh 47.28
Phil Sumner 50.30
Selina Walton 61.02
Glen Goodwin 40.05
Paul Calverley 40.38
Francesca Turner 58.18
Mick Bowkley 49.55
Tom Battrick 51.13
Debbie Gowans 44.52
Name 2014
1.Catherine 52.12
2. Louise Stephenson 52.30
3. Keith Robinson 46.40
4. Les Redfearn 49.50
5. Emma Richardson 46.40
6. Damien Fletcher 48.13
7. Michael Hartley 48.55
8. Martin King 39.50
9. Neil Thompson 48.40
10. Mick Coward 48.42
11. Glen Goodwin 39.20
12. Sam Hughes 47.25
13. Laura Hudson 49.00
14. Jo Hosker 48.40
15. Sarah Donohoe 56.11
16. Jonathan Lavery 53.52
17. Cathy McDermott 57.30
18. Craig Kelshaw 46.40
19. Paul Gallager 40.11
20. Paul Calverley 43.45
21. Alex Whalley 59.16
22. Peter Hoyle 60.50
23. Manny 50.30
24. Ian Tomlinson 54.10
25. Paul Corrigan 46.17
26. Martin Wilcock 38.51
27. Debbie Gowans 43.55
28. Carole Morris 50.40
29. Bill Swift 60.40
30. Janet Hoyle 59.00
31. Ruth Dawson 57.35
32. John Wieczorek 44.35
33. Paul Wilcock 42.45
34. Andy Bush 44.50
35. Michele Baker 51.54
36. Julie Gifford 59.57
37. Steve Davies 62.27
38. Peter Blackledge 55.30
39. Tom Battrick 52.20
40. Angela Terry 56.44
41. Colette Mallabourn 60.00
42. David Sagar 47.50
43. Rachel Wilcock
44. Kaye Callaghan 51.50
45. Ant Ridehalgh 50.00
46. Chris Halstead 44.40
47. Kevin Bradshaw 54.00
48. Brian Scully